Greeting all !

This site  will serve to hold all the info I want to have readily available to you all. Its been reconfigured to work on smart devices so you can read stuff and even post to it from your phones if you want. I will set you all up a character page where you can write stuff about your own private character after you log onto the site.

I’m attempting to journalise the sessions as well. See this page for the session write ups.

The more preparation we can all do the smoother the sessions ought to be (in theory). Likewise there are incentives for using this site in the form of clues, Cash and XP.

I think the game will work best with myself and about six (6) regulars. A floating guest spot can also be managed but too many and things slow down unacceptably. So far we have Three or four confirmed players. If you are a definite message me and I’ll set you up with a personal page & editing rights so you can put stuff up here for review and perhaps some pre-game goodies for your efforts 🙂 First come first served!
All places are nicely filled as of now thanks for asking 🙂

The Game is going to be run under DCC Dungeon Crawl Classics rule-set. Here is the invaluable QuickStartGuide here. Goodman games maintains a copy of the BETA rules as a Pdf on their website here if you haven’t got a copy of the main rule system. Some of you may have even snagged a copy of the Freebie rules during last RPG day. Other useful stuff you will find on the Resources page.

Character creation notes are under the “House rules” tab.

For up to date information in game please take a look at the “Main Dialogue” section accessible from the menus above and on the sidebar.

Please also read the website rule page once for the record 🙂

Live Chat now enabled so we can talk without going to FB chat in a separate window. See bottom right of screen, Fixed the Chat box size; should be OK for screens of 5″ or higher. Use it to leave messages if you like 🙂 Must be logged in to post.


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