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Noteworthy Events:
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Adventure 2 “The Manor of Madness”

  • ->
  • Reinforced a Village against deadly stone creatures.
  • Gained a unhealthy distrust of magic users.
  • Used an alborate political scenario to inflitrate the Manor
  • Convinced a Necromancer to aid them in there quest.
  • Attempted to convince the guild of three new contracts.
  • Killed one of his own men in an attempt to contain dangerous magic.

Downtime: Between Adventures:

  • ->
  • Created Forged Paperwork Proving they had been sent to investigate the manor in the kings name.
  • Did some research discovering all at the manor was not as it seemed.
  • Got back to town and made some deals.
  • Awarded official title of “Warrant keeper”

Adventure 1 “the Litchway

  • ->
  • Disappointed in the loot, considering revisiting this place to give it a proper clear out!
  • Dropped a couple of foes, always kept an eye out for the safest way to fight.
  • Kept his mind on the mission throughout
  • Found one secret way in, bluffed a couple of guards
  • Scoped out the town and the targets signature moves
  • Went on a Ship for the first time.

Adventure 0: “Who invited the Orcs?”

  • ->
  • Got some nice new clothes! (Uniform/Armour)
  • Wandered around the Camp watching others train!
  • Joined Justice moon Mercenaries
  • Survived!


Character Background
Each character you provide a Background story for will also earn Bonus XP

Vincent Claud’Visear, Son of the Stone Mason Adrin Claud’Visear.

Life could have gone quite simply if Vincent had not taken up the life of the sword. he could have thrown away his life doing back breaking labour to build half of a Church, a construction that would not be complete in his lifetime. Instead Vincent decided he was better of living a life away from….Churches…and the people that attend said….Churches

The Beginnings of his Career started of in the H.M.A.S, Her Majesty’s Acquisition Sservices. As a “Tax collector”, in this role “Joseph Pope the Second”, “Acquired” Funds from the citizens of a local city in exchange for the protection from the Crooked Queens men. It was a fair system, everyone paid what they could. The rich being able to pay the most. If the funds could not be presented they were taken through a variety of different mediums. Some of which could be considered subtle, others could be considered unpleasant.

Joseph greatly appreciated his part in the Queens Acquisition Service, it provided a balance to the life of the busy city, and yes honestly they did sometimes provide actual protection to the citizens from forces outside the walls of the city, it wasn’t just blind robbery. unfortunatly in his 3rd year and the 47th  of the Queens rule, the Crooked Queen Tragically was killed, being replaced by her bitch of a daughter.

H.M.A.S took a bit of a turn under it’s new Heiress, becoming more violent and unstable taking more and more from the town until the people had, had enough. It was no easy thing to get rid of us however, the town had militia or city watch outside of us. There was no way they would be able to fight all of us no matter how many able bodied men the brought to the fight. Instead they cities council proposed to assasinate several key members of the Queens Court including the Queen herself…

And so Joseph Pope the Second somehow ended up in possession of a poisoned Bracelet, that somehow ended up on the Young Bitch of a Crooked Queens arm.

Unfortunatly the Towns plan worked a little too well, many of the H.M.A.S had, had enough by this point, with the assasination of the core leadership it all fell into anarchy, which… then spread to riots in the street… and…. well long story short, That City pretty much belongs to the Cult of Maltoch.

Joseph decided at this point the city was a lost cause, and so he took his ill gotten gains and decided to travel for a while until, by chance he should arrive in town the day of a great festival…and a few days away from an orc invasion.

To this day, Joseph has a huge distrust of Churches and Cultists. More recently this has spread to a distrust of magic users, after witnessing the amount of damage one mage could do to a small village. Joseph is now considering trying to implement some sort of way to controling or at least containing the Mages in the company. So far this method of control is a Dwarf named Auri Silverlocks, who has been instructed to infiltrate there ranks, gain there trust and “take out” any mages that turn against the group.

After the events of the Manor Joseph thinks this was too small an action and bigger steps need to be taken to control the unstable Magic users that walk amoungst his men. If Grimwalden has survived Joseph will be having a word or two about the direction this comapny is taking.





Joseph Pope the Second, The Kings Justice.

Character sheet Opens in New Full window | Must download and open in Acrobat to edit – sorry 😉 | Upload revised version here (use EXACT same file name – I advise you delete the OLD one first before the fresh upoad )

Ok one Character creation Template Page coming up!

Below is a couple of character sheet options.: One PDF (open in browser) and one built into the page. Use whatever s easier, just recall to save the pdf version under a new name to prevent overwriting anything.

If unsure of anything please refer to the Character creation guidelines I posted here on this page : Character creation Process. Initially we need 3-4 of these for each of you. The starter adventure will run them through a bit of a gauntlet to see who survives. I expect some character deaths there so be warned. But the concept is that having survived their brush with death these 0 Level peasants rise up to the challenge of becoming adventurers together.

Now if you have a character that you are absolutely sold on and are convinced that is the one you wanna play then let me know I am wiling to let you all designate one Toon to 1st level which we will develop further. These guys will still have to do the Intro adventure however. In practice the intro should be  a bit of a chaotic “romp” to see who survives, the thing is, sometimes a character that seems unassuming on paper plays well or just feels lucky, so I recommend just going for it!

With that in mind its probably to create a background story or two and not directly assign it until you see whom out of your starting toons makes it through. Though if you like writing backstories feel free to do them up now 🙂


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