So after the Intro and first Mini Adventure the party is as follows:

  • Felix The Halfling, collector of “Shineys”
  • Joseph Pope the Second, Business Rogue & Delivery Guy
  • Lucius Singultus, Sorcerer Bad-ass Master of the Fungi Zombie
  • Mogar the Warrior, Can destroy all that stands in his way. Doors a speciality!
  • Phaedra, the Mysterious Cleric that vanquishes he foes with but a word
  • Rats Magee, Marks man and Vermin exterminator extraordinaire
  • Temerian, Taciturn but deadly elven Mage.

Who knows what awaits our now proven adventurers!

This will be the root of the personal character pages.  Once I have your character names you’ll be able to log into your private page and update it as you see fit.

Visible ONLY to logged in characters is a private info page that that player can edit as well where I can pass on secret player information. So if you don’t use the site or update your own pages you will be at a disadvantage to those that do.

Ultimately I know from experience that to get players to do stuff you need to give them a reason. So for each person that Logs on they will gain a money pouch worth 250 Sp And 5 Xp

Posting a character Pic and writing a Biography will also earn you XP rewards. So the more you use the material available the better of you will be 🙂



4 thoughts on “Characters

  1. Character name Rats Magee. That’s all I have so far, no idea what he’s going to be or what race, I’m thinking maybe a seafaring background.

  2. Hehe There IS a “Ratcatcher” background believe it or not. If you have a definite idea in mind you can pick that as a “Humble Origin” if you want it to explain the name LOL.
    For now make up a few sets of stats (about 4) see if one set speaks to you as a basis for Rats Magee and take it from there 🙂

  3. Hello. 🙂 Got my 4 characters here:
    Occupation; Str; Agi; Sta; Per; Int; Luck
    (He’s very particular about his numbers! The Animal Trainer; 8; 13; 8; 13; 16; 8 )
    (The only real good one of the bunch! The Dwarf Miner; 12; 18; 7; 14; 12; 10 )
    (The Village Idiot! The Halfling Gypsy; 10; 14; 13; 15; 4; 13 – what Gypsy rolls a 4 on their intelligence? )
    (The guy who just sort of randomly stumbled into the party! The Potato Farmer; 3; 9; 13; 11; 9; 4 )

  4. Thanks for that Dave. 🙂
    The real irony is that Hobbit is good character – apart from the time he took a nasty blow to the head (Hobbit godz where was your luck then!)
    OK put them on you character pages and applied “Lucky Rolls” (You can elect a re roll if you wish 🙂 ) and generally filled in begging stats that are figured from those numbers.
    If you can a bit of background on any or all of them will help your play later. As “Skills” are based on what you can justify from your characters class, Prior experience and original background – which includes any back story you give them.

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