Felix Goodbody the Halfling Gypsy – Dave

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Noteworthy Events:
Oldest to latest: (Feel free to add!)

Downtime: Between Adventures:

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  • Weekly Downtime Spent form  No need to do this now if you are planning to run a different Toon on the next story arc though I do recommend it.Please post the completed version back here Or send it to me via FB or anything really. As long as I have it someplace 🙂
  • Noticed something funny about this bag I found. Wonder what else it can do?
  • Sailed back to the Town to count my shineys!

Adventure 1 “the Litchway”

  • ->
  • Wonder why the Elf keeps looking imploringly at me. He doesn’t look well.
  • Collected MANY shineys!
  • Stabbed some bad people who were mean
  • Travelled to an old Human Hobbit hole
  • Visited a Sea port with real foreigners! (They talk funny)
  • Went on a Ship for the first time.

Adventure 0:

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  • Got some nice new clothes! (Uniform/Armour)
  • Wandered around the Camp watching others train!
  • Joined Justice moon Mercenaries
  • Survived!

Character Background
Each character you provide a Background story for will also earn Bonus XP

~insert here as the spirit moves you!~

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Character sheet Opens in New Full window | Must download and open in Acrobat to edit – sorry 😉 | Upload revised version here (use EXACT same file name – I advise you delete the OLD one first before the fresh upoad )

Ok one Character creation Template Page coming up!

If unsure of anything please refer to the Character creation guidelines I posted here on this page : Character creation Process. Initially we need 3-4 of these for each of you. The starter adventure will run them through a bit of a gauntlet to see who survives. I expect some character deaths there so be warned. But the concept is that having survived their brush with death these 0 Level peasants rise up to the challenge of becoming adventurers together.

Now if you have a character that you are absolutely sold on and are convinced that is the one you wanna play then let me know I am wiling to let you all designate one Toon to 1st level which we will develop further. These guys will still have to do the Intro adventure however. In practice the intro should be  a bit of a chaotic “romp” to see who survives, the thing is, sometimes a character that seems unassuming on paper plays well or just feels lucky, so I recommend just going for it!

With that in mind its probably to create a background story or two and not directly assign it until you see whom out of your starting toons makes it through. Though if you like writing backstories feel free to do them up now 🙂