Axel Grimwarden – NPC

This is a GM’s NPC that is sorta going to serve as your liaison with the rest of the Justice Moon. Don’t worry he is NOT a babysitter NPC, no rather expect him to set up camp outside or nearby to an “Dungeon” you do and serve as a base of operations etc. He’ll also be a simple plot hook to direct you to the recommended “next ” adventure. Think of him as more of an accountant than an adventurer! Any characters not in play due to somebody unable to turn up will be assumed to be “Guarding Grimawarden’s camp” Likewise if a player dies or temp new one needs to rotated in assume Grimwarden sent them in after you to deliver a “Message” or the like? Post adventure he will do his best to heal any of you with a lingering wound.

Dwarven Cleric (Neutral) Patron: Atanakos “god” of Craftsmen. Tenant “Precision and detail are to praised in all forms!”
Level (more than 1st!)
Obvious equipment: Fine Plated Armour, obligatory Warhammer etc. Carries an extra large pack with various scrolls and ledgers in it
Description: A fairly tall Dwarf at around 5′ tall. He is bald and has a scraggly beard barely hiding obvious burn marks on his lower face. If you ask he’ll tell you it was a wizards fire-blast that scorched him But the rumor is that he had an accident in his father forge with some molten metal ( – quite an embarrassment for a Dwarf!). Regardless of the truth he joined the priesthood rather than the traditional warrior route. Apparently he is quite a competent Neutrally aligned cleric, with a good head for figures. Your Patron has not put him in command per say of this mission (no if you ask he’ll tell you the master wants to see if any of you have command potential) but it is clear he is NOT under the command of the mission leader either. Think “Military observer” perhaps?

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