“Rats” Magee – Simon

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Noteworthy Events:
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Downtime: Between Adventures:

  • ->
  • Weekly Downtime Spent form  if you are able to join us for some of the up and coming sessions doing this ahead of time will help make sure your character is caught up. The option to spend gold for a few XP might be useful as Rats is a shade behind the rest of the group you might be able to make 2nd level this way as you were just short after the final session of play.
  • Spent some of his new found cash and examined the loot he managed to make off with as well!
  • Kinda likes it here as its a sea port, feels familiar.
  • Back to the little town to recover and spend some gold!

Adventure 1 “the Litchway”

  • ->
  • While the others sodded off stuck around with a couple of others to see what lot might be easily lifted.
  • Fought some kind of hell woman./ Culdnt shoot her so used the blinded mage as a weapon instead!
  • Tracked the primary target of the mission to her last hidey hole
  • Sent to check up on the others after a while. Discovered them fooling around just inside the main doors!
  • Shot a snakey thing that attacked Boggis from a wrecked boat
  • Helped set up the base camp. Snared a couple of rats
  • Went on a Ship for the first time.

Adventure 0: “Who invited the Orcs?”

  • ->
  • Got some nice new clothes! (Uniform/Armour)
  • Wandered around the Camp watching others train!
  • Joined Justice moon Mercenaries
  • Survived!

Background Story    [+5 Xp well written – GM]  

As a 10 year old lad Rats (not his original name) had a promising future ahead of him as a scribe. His father was a scribe and so was his grandfather before him. His wealthy family were able to educate him to a high standard, but Rats always felt there must be more to life than writing, copying and learning.

After a huge row about his future with his family Rats ran away from home vowing never to return. He made it to the port and found himself lost in a seedy part of town. It didn’t take long for a young naive 10 year old lad to find himself press-ganged onto a military ship headed for who knows where.

The next 5 years were a living hell for poor Rats Magee; it was quickly discovered that he had absolutely no potential for sailing, couldn’t even swab a deck properly.  After many beatings and much punishment his position on the ship was finally determined, Ship’s Ratter. Shortly after being thrown down the hold , the captain furious with yet another disastrous performance from this awful recruit, gave Rats a hand crossbow, a few bolts and told him not to come out until the rat infestation was under control. To everyone’s surprise Rats emerged triumphant with a bucket full of dead rats, enough meat to supplement the ships stores.

He was about the age of 15 when his ship was overcome by pirates.  The crew was murdered and Rats was the only survivor.  The pirate captain (Roger Saltbeard) saw potential in Rats and recruited him to his crew. Although a useless practical sailor it was soon discovered that Rats was an excellent navigator, and not too bad with a cutlass. Rat’s new position as chief navigator came after 2 years training.

Piracy became Rats Magee’s new trade, and gained for him, a position of respect among the men.  Rats Magee proved to be a popular shipmate; he was the go to man for appraisals of jewellery and unusual objects plundered from hapless victims. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.  Due to a one sided battle the pirate ship was sunk and Rats found himself alone, adrift in a small row boat with little rations and few belongings. Rats had time to rethink his life; what he had become and decided he needed to change……”Is that land I see? Where am I? What now????”

DM’s continuation of Background.

Wearily Rats made his way up the coast to the nearest fishing village. There he had the shock of his life as one grizzled old town guard actually recognised him from Cap’n’ Saltbeards crew and he had to flee for his life with two town watchmen on his heels.

Loosing the out of condition guardsmen in the forest Rats pushed on for half a day before collapsing in a small clearing exhausted.

When morning came he awoke to the smell (of all things!) frying bacon! Scrabbling for his crossbow he saw an old man squatting by a camp fire across from. “Oh yer awake are ye” the old pedlar cackled. “You had best be more carefully where you make camp sonny there used to be bandits and worse in these woods!” The man looks unimpressed at the crossbow in his hand, “Oh an’ ye can put that doon. If I was going to rob yer I’d have slit your throat hours ago. Come have some breakfast! Ye look like you could use it!”

Over the meal the old man introduces himself as Cristos the Pedlar. He is making his way to the four towns fair to see if anyone  needed some knives sharpened or basic repairs done. He usually picked up a bit of trade there from the folks that wouldn’t pay the Dwarves extortionate prices for simple services.

“What are ye good at youngster?” the old man question. Rats nearly said “Piracy” but thought better of it and instead told a half truth.

“I’m a Rat catcher mister”

“Arr, that’s a decent trade, always customers fer that. Like us pedlars ye are not appreciated right until some high muckty muck has a problem then they come a lookin’ fer ya! If’n yer needing work then I know a Gongfarmer called Boggis he’ll know who needs a man of yur talents Oi expect!”

So Rats followed the old man up to the four towns fair. If nothing else it might be  safer place than the coast to decide what he was going to do next…

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Some Free equipment for Rats Magee Simon based on his pre adventure background.

Made a Luck Roll for you (21 – Survived a Famine Bonus to Fort saves) if you don’t feel that fits then feel free to roll one yourself. (Must take the dice’s choice though!)


Ok one Character creation Template Page coming up!

Below is a couple of character sheet options.: One PDF (open in browser) and one built into the page. Use whatever s easier, just recall to save the pdf version under a new name to prevent overwriting anything.

If unsure of anything please refer to the Character creation guidelines I posted here on this page : Character creation Process. Initially we need 3-4 of these for each of you. The starter adventure will run them through a bit of a gauntlet to see who survives. I expect some character deaths there so be warned. But the concept is that having survived their brush with death these 0 Level peasants rise up to the challenge of becoming adventurers together.

Now if you have a character that you are absolutely sold on and are convinced that is the one you wanna play then let me know I am wiling to let you all designate one Toon to 1st level which we will develop further. These guys will still have to do the Intro adventure however. In practice the intro should be  a bit of a chaotic “romp” to see who survives, the thing is, sometimes a character that seems unassuming on paper plays well or just feels lucky, so I recommend just going for it!

With that in mind its probably to create a background story or two and not directly assign it until you see whom out of your starting toons makes it through. Though if you like writing backstories feel free to do them up now 🙂