Rodger Magee – Simon

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Noteworthy Events:
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Downtime: Between Adventures:

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  • Weekly Downtime Spent form  No need to do this now. But if I post one like this we know that if you do activate this Back up character that they get these opportunities to be fine tuned.

Adventure 1 “the Litchway”

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  • Helped Guard the camp while the main group explored the ruined Temple
  • Went on a Ship for the first time.

Adventure 0: “Who invited the Orcs?”

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  • Got some nice new clothes! (Uniform/Armour)
  • Wandered around the Camp watching others train!
  • Joined Justice moon Mercenaries
  • Survived!

Character Background [+2 Xp – GM]

Rodger Magee.

Fuck being a scribe. The olds spent money hand over fist on my younger brother, I told em Silas was a waste of space and what does he do? That’s right he runs off never to be seen again. I never had any interest in writing or that kind of bollocks, you can poke it up your arse for all I care. Anyway my parents were devastated when Silas ran away. The old geezer spent all the savings to find the little shit, borrowed on the property and we nearly ended up fucked. So I stepped up to the mark, quit labouring and became a highwayman. At the age of 16 I was paying the debts and the bills the old twat just drank and diddnt ask questions about where the cash came from. I was always a good rider and handy in a bar fight, so I figured I would use the skills I had to help out as best I could. No education for me, I got by with my fists and my wits. Till I got caught, at the age of 18 I got 5 years hard labour on a log site, it done me good I suppose, now Im out, parents are dead theres fuck all for me here any longer. This time I’m going to use my skills to earn an honistish living.

Name  Rodger Magee Occupation: Ex convict
Strength [16] ( +2) Alignment  [] Class  Fighter
Agility [11] ( 0) Ref Save [] Speed 30′ Level []  Hp 4
Stamina [14] (+1) Fort Save [] Melee Att Bonus [] XP []
Personality [8] ( -1) Will Save [] Missile Att Bonus [] AC [12]
Luck [9] (0 ) Lucky Roll 26  Crit Rolls +1 Equipment: 41cp

Flint and steel

Intelligence [7] ( -1) Languages 1  Common
Weapons: Long sword (1d8) Cross bow (1d6)



Ok one Character creation Template Page coming up!

Below is a couple of character sheet options.: One PDF (open in browser) and one built into the page. Use whatever s easier, just recall to save the pdf version under a new name to prevent overwriting anything.

If unsure of anything please refer to the Character creation guidelines I posted here on this page : Character creation Process. Initially we need 3-4 of these for each of you. The starter adventure will run them through a bit of a gauntlet to see who survives. I expect some character deaths there so be warned. But the concept is that having survived their brush with death these 0 Level peasants rise up to the challenge of becoming adventurers together.

Now if you have a character that you are absolutely sold on and are convinced that is the one you wanna play then let me know I am wiling to let you all designate one Toon to 1st level which we will develop further. These guys will still have to do the Intro adventure however. In practice the intro should be  a bit of a chaotic “romp” to see who survives, the thing is, sometimes a character that seems unassuming on paper plays well or just feels lucky, so I recommend just going for it!

With that in mind its probably to create a background story or two and not directly assign it until you see whom out of your starting toons makes it through. Though if you like writing backstories feel free to do them up now 🙂