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Ho Humm.. On my own in the office this week so really have less time than I’d like (LOL) Still best put this up here now before I forget.
This is what JP2, Phaedra & Mogar & sundry explored last week. I’ll leave it to them to explain what they found here. Appended XP to the post, pretty high but many areas were explored and talked around intelligently so well done!

Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar = 74
  • Auri = 47
  • Phaedra = 79
  • Temerian = 66
  • Jospeh Pope II = 86
  • Lucius Singultus = 55
  • Bormir = 56

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed.


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