Alchemy Cheat Sheet

So I have always been a fan of “weird science alchemy” in a RPG. SO here is a page of rough notes in case it becomes needed.

Generally you’ll need to justify having this skill to attempt it. Any Sorcerer is OK, probably most Elf mages as well.¬† Thieves can roll to make Poisons/Antidotes & Incendiaries without needing to justify why they have the knowledge.

For the rest of you: If you have a background that includes say Herbalist or something medical I can see you blagging a roll for Curatives and or Stimulants. Heck if you were a Tanner I can go for Oils/Incendiaries as well. Skys the limit peoples. Role play it I can allow it ūüôā If you actually rolled “Alchemist” on your Background that’s gotta be worth a +2 on success dice over and above any other adjustment I rule ūüôā

Before the roll the would be alchemist needs to state what they  are attempting to make: It will be presumed they have access to the right tools and or ingredients before they even try! If they are improvising then a -1 to Р4 Penalty will apply. A really good lab or exotic materials will grant a similar level of BONUS to the roll (each)

Add the characters Exp level as a bonus. Adjust some more to their luck modifier. Luck may be burned on the roll of course! (This might explain why in the wide world many alchemists may have a level of thief! – Snake oil sales man anybody?) I might be persuaded to allow INT modifiers as well in some cases. but not all: Alchemy is more about luck than precision its NOT Chemistry after all!

The list of types here is not the be all and end all. Its just what I could think of off the top of my head. Anybody with added ideas please feel free to comment and we’ll see if we can build it in ūüôā

 Type/Dice 01 02-09  10-14  15-19  20+
Poison  Accidental Exposure!
Roll again to see to what!
Inert foul smelling liquid. 1d6 Hp over as many rounds if ingested 2d4
or 1d4 Contact
or 1d6 Contact
or 1d3 Gas
Acid  Accidental Exposure!
Roll again to see to what!
Inert liquid 1 pt  1d6 1d8+
Stat Enhance*


 Weird effect
as 16-19 but One goes up 1d3 one goes down
Can be the same one
 Inert Potion 1 pt /5 mins 1 pt / 10 mins
(or 2 for 5 mins)
1 pt 20 mins
2 pt 10 Mins
3 pt 5 Mins
Curative / Pain relief Pills/Potions Immediate Laxative effect also causes 1 hp per turn until a Fort 10 save is made Mild Laxative effect only

(-1 on concentration for a while)

Cures 1 Hp & Doubles natural healing rate for each day taken Cures 1d3 Hp & Doubles natural healing rate for each day taken Cures 1d5 Hp & Doubles natural healing rate for each day taken
Antidote  Hmm Works as 16-19 BUT has nasty side effect to be determined on use! Inert Compound stops/recovers 1d4 stops/recovers 1d6  Stops/Recovers 3d4


 Accidental Exposure!
Roll again to see to what!
Inert Sticky  liquid or compound 1d6 /round for 1d5 rounds

or 5x5x5 Smoke

2d6 /round for 1d4 rounds

or 1d4 in 5x5x5

or 10x10x10 smoke

3d6 /round for 1d3 rounds

or 2d4 + smoke in 5x5x5

or 20x20x20 smoke

Adhesives   Accidental Exposure!
Roll again to see to what!
 Inert Slippery  liquid or compound  Strong enough to cause a DC5 Check to free  Strong enough to cause a DC10 Check to free Strong enough to cause a DC15 Check to free

Well it IS alchemy who wouldnt want to try and turn lead to gold right?

Oh dear…

Some Nature God has noticed you trying to change the universe and curses you…

Large pile of smelly but otherise inert Goo.

Start over

Provided you spent at least 5 Gp. in materials transmute 1d10 Oz  (4-40 coin equivalent) from base matter
  • Typically these will have a reverse effect after they are through = 2x the effect but perhaps on other attributes.

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