Mad Mages Isle

So some folks quite reasonably want to know something about a server before they invest any time in it?

But the in game browser (with its currently effed up reputation system!) only says so much.

Discord is good, but again can be a little hard I think to navigate so I decided to in parallel with Discord have a good old fashioned web page where I can drone on about what going on in the this server!

Mad mages Isle adds a few (tried to keep it 15 or below) with a mixture of Build addons and QOL stuff. The main one is EEWA that I have attempted to integrate into the Island with a bit of a plot/backstory instead of just dropping it in their!

While not directly a “Role Play” server, there are scripted quests and a plot to the whole thing as I always design my adventures with some kind of story to it. Serval items are added to treasure that can be exchanged for stuff of real use so you’ll need to track down what’s useful loot and to whom. But that’s optional. There is nothing added you HAVE to do. For example all EEWA content can be done “as is” if you prefer.

The Purge will be active so make your bases at least partially fortified! But please note if you don’t wanna be purged then say so! I have no objection to pure builders types that purge is under strict limits and even they can be tweaked if you feel the need – just ask.

One thing I have done is add some monster sin that drop recipe components that you’d have to await the luck of a convergence trap to bring you otherwise. They are rare but there IS at least one Dragon somewhere for dragonbone stuff (also EEWA has an undead one as you may know) and a couple of Sand Beasts are waiting for you as well and a few others.

So explore even if you “think” you know whats what. That goes double for inside vaults!

That’s been my watch word. Explore, Quest¬† seek out strange new… things Boldly etc etc. Have fun, games like this are a pass time not a chore to me so if your “Hard Core” its probably not for you but nor is it for the Milk Sop either stuff is at normal gather rates but with a boost for those going up past 60 Levels thanks to the paragon system