Cash & XP Scale and exchange rates

In this world I am moving away from the multi thousand Gp treasure hordes that somehow seemed to devalue the other currencies. Bottom Line: Gold is RARE! So here think of Silver pieces as being the standard High value coin, with good old copper bits serving as the peasants exchange medium. The rates are as follows:

  • 1 Gold piece = 24 Silver Pieces
  • 1 Silver Piece = 12 Copper Pieces

Also, you are not gonna run into many folks that have any class levels out side of an “adventure” so be aware 0 Levels are fragile if you get rough. To give you an idea the following table should give you an idea of how often you may stumble across higher level types outside of a dungeon. It also should make you feel good as you go up in levels. At first level you are part of the top 10% of the population already…..!

Level XP required to attain How Heroic is this?
1st 10 (optional not being played here) One in 25
2nd 50 One in  35
3rd 110 One in 50
4th 190 One in a 100
5th 290 One in 500
6th 410 One in 2000
7th 550 One in 10,000
8th 710 One in 50,000
9th 890 One in 250,000
10th 1090 One in 1,000,000

So the vast majority of folks you meet will be 0 Level types a scattering of levels 1-3 but it’ll be pretty rare to encounter Humanoid types with more than 5 class levels no matter where you go.

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