Downtime. Oh what to do!

Well between adventure arcs while we enjoy others games I want those that wish to to have a chance to set some long term plans or actions their character might well undertake but would frankly be darn boring to play out in session time. For example:

  • If you have a manufacturing profession background then you might wanna forge a sword or repair some salvaged armour etc
  • You might want to search the local area for more info. Or research the next area (if known)
  • Clerics might pray and sacrifice (Allows for a bonus against neg spell checks  More details to come)
  • Wizards may want to do a number of things: Enchant items research spells summon demons etc etc…
  • Characters might go on a bender getting drunk or more likely practising their professions etc (Ahem read spend cash for bonus XP)
  • and everyone will want to heal any lingering wounds.

Anyway those are some ideas. You don’t have too but its to your advantage if you do. However you will need to deduct a “Living costs” amount from your coinage, typically 6 cp a day if you live cheap 1 sp day normal and life of luxury is 4 Sp base.  Each of those choices has a consequence. 🙂 Nope not telling ya till you tell me how you spend your down time. But the is obviously more chance of a GOOD consequence if you pay for it..The latter will at the very least add to your reputation among the locals as they will appreciate the extra business!

Weekly Downtime Spent form

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