Adventure Experience

Ok this is the new holding page for Experience points. Each “Adventure” will have its own post listing the XP gain by session in it. Access the XP awards by session Posts Here.

General rule: Will aim for each “Adventure” to grant you 80-90% of the Exp to make a level. To actually level up each time you’ll need to do more than cruise through, but I don’t intend it to be an onerous chore to make it to the next break point each time. We’re here for the fun ¬†after all ūüôā

To Recap Experience points will be given in the following ways:

1. Finding and defeating one of the villains on your ‚ÄúList‚ÄĚ will bring a flat EXP. award to ALL party members involved in their defeat. These awards will go a long way to getting you the points you need to level I hope.

2. Completely finishing a dungeon/scenario will also grant a completion award as you guys will have materially helped the general populace in the area in some way or another so this reflects public gratitude etc. I hope.

3. I give no EXP for simply Finding treasure. However if you Spend treasure in some character appropriate way I give you exp. then based on what you spend. Bear in mind most small settlements have only a limited amount of resources you can spend your loot upon!  Typically there will be a minimum of one week down time between adventures in the characters time line. Please see Downtime Oh What to do! for some specifics.

4. Good role playing will always give you an instant Exp. award for particularly apt acts in character¬†😀

5. At the start of each session you will be given a ‚ÄúSpecial Orders‚ÄĚ card. Some will be blank one or two may contain a special instruction you are to focus up in that adventure session (only) as part of your personal evaluation by the Mercenary Guild. Playing in line with this instruction will garner extra XP rewards at the end of the session.

Level XP required to attain How Heroic is this?
1st 10 (optional not being played here) One in 25
2nd 50 One in  35
3rd 110 One in 50
4th 190 One in a 100
5th 290 One in 500
6th 410 One in 2000
7th 550 One in 10,000
8th 710 One in 50,000
9th 890 One in 250,000
10th 1090 One in 1,000,000

The above table is derived from the DCC core rules but is roughly half the suggested incidence of Levelled characters. The base rules are for my campaign a touch too severe. That said by the end of this campaign (Estimated to last until you are all about 6-7th level) survivors will be acclaimed as some of the most powerful in the world. So enjoy the status if you can!

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