The Code of DCC.. Read and Despair!

Quoting from the Dungeon Crawl Classic Rule Book:


Abandon all presumptions, ye who enter here. Turn the pages of this tome only should you meet these qualifications:

That you are a fantasy enthusiast of imaginative mind, familiar with the customs of role playing, understanding the history and significance of the Elder Gods Gygax and Arneson and their cohorts Bledsaw, Holmes, Kuntz, Moldvay, and Mentzer, and knowledgeable of the role of “judge” and the practice of “adventure.”

That you are in possession of the implements of role playing; namely, graph paper and an assortment of polyhedrons, including but not limited to d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20; that you know the works of the great mage Zocchi and are prepared to exercise d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, d30, or d% should they need to be deployed; and, although you may possess metal figurines and erasable mats for purposes of enjoyment, you understand their role as optional visualizers not prerequisites.

That you understand


and appreciate certain visual hieroglyphs derived from denizens of the higher planes whose deific identities among mortals are rendered, in the Common tongue, Otus, Easley, Roslof, Holloway, Caldwell, and Dee.


That you should be appreciative of a life of fantastic adventure and escapades, and acknowledge that a dungeon crawl facilitates the judging of a game focused thereon, but in no way excludes broader adventures in the wilderness, at court, or on the sea, air, or outer planes.

That you apprehend the fantasy pandect recorded in Appendix N with reverence and delight, acknowledging its defining place in creating this hobby.

That you are prepared to pledge, with right hand upon your little white books, that you shall uphold the honor of the hobby of role playing to all comers, whether young or old.

If these conditions are not met, then replace this book upon the shelf on which it belongs and flee with great celerity, for a bane befalls the heretical beholder of that which lies herein.

Should you meet these qualifications, be aware that you are indoctrinated into the order of Dungeon Crawl Classics and will find kind fellows of similar sentiment also within this order. You may proceed in good health.;

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