The Mystic Character class

As this campaign is set in my own world I include this for the terribly bold. My DCC Experimental Class. It didn’t quite make the final cut of the rule book but along with another guys “take” on the Bard and Barbarian its came close. In the end the powers that be decided that the core Arch-typical classes were all the game needed. However in My world Humans and part humans always has a slight PSI ability. Using a class like this allows for something like that for colour. 😀

The Mystic

The Mystic is a solitary warrior dedicated to refining his mind and body by mental and physical regimes to become enlightened and the pinnacle of what he can be regardless of his physical or mental limitations. Some Mystics take up the practice of arms and become masters of weapon play others choose a more cerebral approach and learn to harness the minds innermost resources. While a few more seek ultimate balance and this expresses itself in heightened perception and a grace of movement that is unrivalled among mortal creatures.

The Mystics alignment helps determine which techniques will come easily to them but in time and in theory. Any Mystic could achieve mastery of all the known disciplines of the Martial Arts. Each Mystic has some advantages when choosing to fight un armed, but most recognise having a back up weapon or two is simple prudence in the dark and dangerous world of DCC!

Mystic Progression Table

Level Hit Dice Level title Ki Reserve Attack Ref Fort Will
1 2d5 Novice Pre Bonus .+0 .+1 .+0 .+1
2 3d5 Initiate 1+Pre Bonus .+1 .+2 .+0 .+1
3 4d5 Illuminate 2+Pre Bonus .+2 .+2 .+1 .+1
4 5d5 Disciple 3+Pre Bonus .+2 .+3 .+1 .+2
5 6d5 Immaculate 4+Pre Bonus .+3 .+3 .+2 .+2
6 7d5 Acolyte 5+Pre Bonus .+3 .+4 .+2 .+3
7 8d5 Elder 6+Pre Bonus .+4 .+4 .+3 .+3
8 9d5 Master 7+Pre Bonus .+4 .+5 .+3 .+4
9 10d5 Superior Master 8+Pre Bonus .+5 .+5 .+4 .+4
10 11d5 Grand Master 9+Pre Bonus .+5 .+6 .+4 .+5

At First level the Mystic chooses One Discipline from those accessible at 1st level according to their alignment, then receives a bonus random one per point of Stamina bonus they posses. At each level thereafter the Mystic attains they gain one more of the twenty four sacred disciplines of the Ki. Which Discipline they choose to learn at each level is up to them but certain disciplines have a minimum experience threshold to acquire. This threshold varies dependent upon the Mystic alignment.

General Abilities

If a Mystic chooses to fight barehanded they automatically are considered dual wielding at one agility category higher than their actual agility score (Max is still 18). Bare handed attacks do 1d3 damage each, but may be enhanced by certain disciplines (see hereafter). The Mystic may swap between Lethal and subdue damage at will with bare hand attacks.

A Mystic adds their level to their armour class provide they are wearing no armour at all To a maximum of AC 20. If wearing light armour they can add half their level (up) Medium or heavy armour gain no bonuses. Shields larger than small size down grade this defence by half as well.

Mystic Disciplines

These are not spells but a combination of advanced training and Mental powers combined. They can only be used by someone that has dedicated their life to attaining them, they are by no means normal skills. Any Mystic can in time learn any discipline but certain alignments find certain disciplines easier to master hence there being different Level thresholds for each Discipline for a Mystic of a given alignment.

Some Disciplines once learned grant an effect that is always working and are labelled “Automatic” powers. A few lie dormant but may be triggered by a listed event provided the DC roll is made at that time. These are listed as “Semi-Automatic” and if they activate it does Not consume an action or a charge of the Mystic daily use Ki energy pool. Lastly there are “Daily Use” powers. These never occur except when the mystic expends one action concentrating to bring them about (Provided they make the appropriate Will DC to manifest them of course)

  1. The DC to activate a Semi Auto or a Daily Use power is a Will power Check. It is calculated as 10+ the level at which the Mystic was first able to learn it. (DC’s of 11-17)
  2. When activated the power remains usable for [2 + the Mystics End modifier + level ] in rounds.
  3. Semi automatic disciplines that activate upon their release condition do not reduce this pool of conscious uses.
  4. Only if the Mystic succeeds at their Will DC is a portion of their Ki used in activating the Discipline for that day. Failing the DC does Not expend a portion of the Mystics Ki energy.
  5. There is No critical hit or fumble for a Discipline. They either work or they do not period.
  6. It requires 8 hours of sleep or 6 hours of uninterrupted meditation to refresh the Mystics Ki pool of uses

Example a Mystic of 3rd level that has a +1 End & Pre modifier so they can summon forth a total of 4 conscious disciplines each day which in turn each manifest and be used for up to 6 rounds, once brought forth unless otherwise noted in their description.

On the next table Mystic Disciplines are set out in summary format.




School Alignment Path Type
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
1 Unearthly Agility A N1 3 1 2 D
2 Unhindered Step S N2 3 1 2 C
3 Preternatural Senses S N3 2 1 3 E
4 Empathy U N4 4 2 6 E
5 Invisibility U N5 2 1 3 B
6 Swiftness U N6 6 2 4 C
7 Timelessness A N7 5 3 7 B/D
8 Ki Healing U N8 4 2 6 D
9 Ki Mastery U L1 1 2 3 E
10 Mind over Body A L2 1 2 3 D
11 Ki Charge U L3 3 5 7 A/B
12 Ki Projection U L4 2 4 6 A
13 Precognition U L5 3 5 7 B/E
14 Paralyzing Touch S L6 1 3 5 A
15 Hypnotism U L7 1 2 3 A
16 Levitation U L8 3 5 7 C
17 Ki Fist S C1 7 4 1 A
18 Weapon Mastery A C2 7 4 1 A
19 Toughness A C3 7 5 3 D
20 Deadly Fist S C4 5 2 1 A
21 Suspend life U C5 5 2 1 B/D
22 Inured to Elements S C6 6 4 2 B
23 Ki Drain A C7 5 7 3 D
24 Lions Strength U C8 7 5 3 A


A= Automatic power always on S= Semi-Automatic Power auto activates if condition is met OR if Mystic takes one action to consciously use it. U= Use power limited manifestations per day.

a= attack power b= defense power c= movement power d= healing power e= informational power

Mystic detailed descriptions

I only managed to come up with 24 so far. I think I have most of the bases covered, but if another occurs or can be described by a creative player. Then have at thee! My philosophy was that Lawful Mystics concentrate on the mind and deliberately manifested powers and are therefore most analogous to Psions. Neutrals work on Automatic powers that relate to balance and harmony. While Chaotics focus on the ability to maximize the physical bodies potential as a basic focus for their powers. I attempted to reflect this with the sliding level limits on learning a given Discipline.

Lawfully Aligned Disciplines

Remember these are just the Disciplines that are intended to come more easily to the Lawfully aligned Mystic. They in themselves have no alignment.

Ki Mastery

Type Daily Use, informational power

The Mystic gets to know the general alignment of all targets in his line of sight that fail a will save Vs his Pre + Level DC. Additionally if the target is a Mystic or a Spell caster this also is known to them. Once this Discipline is learned the Mystic gains a +1 daily use to their Ki pool. NB this last bonus was to try and reflect the greater focus on activational powers of the Lawful Mystic

Mind over Body

Type Automatic, Health enhancing power

The Mystic becomes adept at keeping his bodies needs under their conscious control. As such they always heal 2 hp per nights rest and only require half as much sleep as most others. Saves Vs Poisons or diseases are also boosted by one half his Mystic level (down). Minimum sleep time to regain Ki energy uses is reduced to 6 hours sleep or 5 hours Uninterrupted Meditation. Additionally the Mystic can go into a near coma like meditative state if they choose from which they cannot be awakened, a risky but possibly useful side effect of this discipline!

Ki Charge

Type Daily Use Offensive power

The Mystic can place a charge of their own Ki energy in an nonliving object. This object can also have a release condition placed upon it, which when met or the object is destroyed the charged Ki blasts free doing 1d5+ level in damage to all in a 10′ Radius. (Reflex save allowed for half damage) This blast may set light to normally flammable materials. The charge lasts for 24 hours then harmlessly dissipates of Blows free as desired. Multiple charges cannot be placed in a single object while the Mystic has this power activated, but one object per round can be so treated. Small sized non magical objects are generally destroyed in the process here. Larger ones may well survive the blast.

Ki Projection

Type Daily Use Offensive power

The Mystic can shoot out a bolt of his own Ki energy at a single target. The Target gets a Reflex save to dodge the attack, but if struck they take 1d3+ Mystic level damage and are stunned for as many rounds as were rolled on the d3 variable as well. The energy may manifest as any type that the Mystic desires, but once they have chosen how their Ki blasts look like that is now fixed. Once active projecting a Ki bolt is a free action for as long as the power is actively manifesting. (So the mystic can attack twice per round once with fists or weapon & once with a Ki Projection)


Type Daily Use informational Power

The Mystic can enter a trance like meditation and dimly foresee the future. Like the Cleric Augury spell.

Paralysing Touch

Type Semi-Automatic Offensive power

Upon successfully delivering a touch attack or bare handed blow the Mystic makes a DC check to send a blast of focused Ki energy through the targets nervous system causing a Fort Save Vs the Mystics Level + Per +5 or they are frozen in place for the Mystics level in melee rounds. Undead, constructs and Primal oozes cannot be paralyzed by this power, instead they take the Mystics level in additional damage.


Type Daily Use, Offensive/informational power

The Mystic uses their Ki to alter the thoughts of another thinking being to become compliant to their will. The Target gets a Will save Vs the Mystics level + Pre Score modifier. If they fail they can be given a single non aggressive non life endangering command by the Mystic mentally. The command can be no more than 12 words long (“These are not the ‘droids your looking for…”)


Type Daily Use, Movement power

The Mystics focused Ki allows then to defy gravity in a limited way. They can float straight up or down at a rate of 20′ per round for as long as the power manifests. While levitating they are considered to have the mass of a feather and thus could be blown about by strong winds etc. The Mystic cannot carry a passenger in this state as the persons own undisciplined Ki in close proximity would interfere with the Ki Disciplines operation. While levitating the Mystic may make other attacks after the first round provided they neither ascend or descend in that round.

Neutrally Aligned Disciplines

The powers that come more easily to those in the mid point between Law and Chaos

Unearthly Agility

Type Automatic, movement power

The Mystic gains an almost supernatural grace. They gain a flat +2 on AC and all reflex saves additionally they subtract 1d6 per level from falling damage, provided they are lightly encumbered or less as they fall. Likewise their jumping distance becomes double normal. (Figure 5′ + Str modifier + Mystic level for running jump distance)

Unhindered Step

Type Semi-Automatic movement power

The Mystic is no longer affected by any movement hindering spell or effect. Be it a spell or a terrain modifier such as water or severe wind speed. If any such effect attempts to hinder them make a DC check to see if this power awakens automatically. If they fail the mystic must make a conscious attempt to invoke it. When active in addition to the above they gain a +1 on their reflex save Vs all effects. The Mystics speed is also increased by 1′ per level they attain after acquiring this discipline and they are able to maintain a run or a jog roughly twice as long as any other character, this extra ground speed is always operating however and requires no DC check.

Preternatural Senses

Type Semi Automatic informational power

When engaging in combat to reflect their enhanced awareness all the mystics saving throws and attack bonus are also raised by a further +1 if they succeed in their activation DC check. In addition they are unable to be suprised in any circumstance. Even if asleep they will automatically wake up at a critical moment unless their sleep is magically induced. Finally Mystic gains a +2 on all perception type checks regardless of weather they pass a will check to activate this power.


Type Daily Use informational (Communication) power

The Mystic can sense the underlying thoughts and feelings of the target they concentrate upon. While they do not gain speech with the target, as long s the target has an INT score of 1 or more they can discern what they are feeling to a limited extent and project back an emotional reply. Projecting feelings of hate or love may modify the targets moral roll by the Mystics Pre modifier. If the Mystic desires they can actually cause a Moral check in many creatures by flooding them with strong emotions.


Type Daily Use defensive power

The Mystics mind forces a creature to ignore their presence by overriding its senses of sight hearing, smell etc. One creature can be affected per level that the mystic has attained to a maximum of the mystics INT in total Hit Dice of creatures. A will power save is allowed against this effect using the mystics level plus PER as the DC of the check. Attacking or otherwise interacting with the creature cancels this ability.


Type Daily Use Movement and other Power

The Mystic can accelerate their bodies reaction time 100% for a short time. This allows them to have double physical actions and speed. If they have two action dice they can attack FOUR times for example. The amount of Ki Disciplines they can consciously use remains fixed at one per round however.


Type Automatic defensive and health enhancing power

The Mystic’s body can sidestep the effects of time. Any effect that takes more than one round cannot usually effect them at all. So they no longer age nor do they take more than one check against poisons or diseases. Once they pass a save Vs a poison or disease they become immune to its effect. Spells that take effect over more than one round do not effect them after that first round either so they are immune to charm spells for example. Additionally they cease to age and will live extraordinary long lives if not slain in battle. The down side is that they cannot heal except by magical or Ki energy means from this point on.

Ki Healing

Type Daily Use healing power

The Mystic can focus and transfer a part of their Ki to heal their own. or anothers damaged bodies. In terms of wounds this acts as a cleric lay on of hands except that it is always successful (Alignment restrictions still are in force) but always uses the minimum amount of Hit Dice for as small success on the Lay on hands chart.

Chaotically Aligned Disciplines

Chaotic Mystics tend to favor using the mind to enhance the bodies physical prowess,

Ki Fist

Type Semi -Automatic offensive power

On a DC check upon entering combat the Mystic’s bare hand attacks become charged with their Ki energy. Upon gaining this discipline the bare hand damage increases to 1d6 and they are considered a magical weapon of (level/3 [down] bonus) for to hit and damage rolls. If they also posses the Weapon Mastery discipline (see below) then any weapon they hold also gains the magical attack bonus but not the added damage. NB if the power does not trigger when first engaging combat the Mystic needs to take one full action to attempt to consciously use it. If the have to resort to this then one use of their conscious powers is deducted for the day.

Weapon Mastery

Type Automatic offensive power

The Mystics studies have gain them an insight into using martial weapons with their Ki. As a result they gain the ability to extend their dual wielding advantage to melee weapons. With missile weapons they gain the ability to throw an extra small missile weapon per round (2 shots/round with any weapon that does no more than 1d4 base damage). Additionally all weapon damage is raised by one point per two levels they have attained.


Type Semi Automatic Use Health enhancing power

The Mystic can use a burst of Ki energy to shrug off the effects of a normally deadly wound. If the damage they sustain would put them below 1 Hit point They automatically get a DC check to expend a use of this power. If successful their hit points are instead only reduced to equal to their level. If their hit points are already equal or below their Level then further uses of this power will partially work, but each such blow reduces them by one hit point. So if repeatedly forced to call on this Discipline they will eventually die at 0 hit points and become subject to the regular bleeding out and death rules.

Deadly Fist

Type Semi- Automatic Offensive power.

On a DC Check upon the first blow the Mystics bare hand attacks take on an added +1 (non magical) bonus to hit and damage. On a critical hit they have a chance to stun or even Kill a man sized opponent. Larger than man sized can be only potentially stunned. A Fort save Vs the Mystics Pre+ level is needed to avoid stunning. If this is failed and the target is man sized and living then a second save is thrown to avoid being rendered unconscious. If they fail that a third such save decides if they are killed outright by the blow. Heavily armored or magically protected targets may be immune to stunning or death blows at the GM’s option.

Suspend life

Type Daily Use defensive power

The Mystic has the ability to slow there bodies metabolism down to a crawl and re awaken at a precise moment, or when a pre defined condition is met. In suspended mode they cannot be harmed by poisons diseases and age at one hundredth of the normal rate. Likewise they need one thousandth of the food/nourishment that they do when in there normal state. Enemies viewing a Mystic in this state are 99% likely to assume they are dead and even a Magical detect only has a 25% (less the Mystics level) of revealing their true status. Natural healing does not occur at a measurable rate while thus suspended but the Mystic does regain lost Ki uses while suspended.

Inured to Elements

Type Semi – Automatic defensive power

On a DC check the Mystics body becomes able to shrug off extremes of temperature and generally becomes more resilient. They gain a +4 to saves against fire and cold attacks, and do not suffer any fatigue related effects when journeying through difficult conditions (like say the Tundra or a Dessert. If exposed to sudden elemental effects make the Mystic Discipline DC check BEFORE any saving throw for the elemental damage. If the mystic consciously wishes to invoke this power them may attempt to do so for the usual cost. (Walk across coals anybody??)

Ki Drain

Type Daily Use offensive power

The Mystic can tap into anothers Ki energy even if they are not trained in the Mystical Arts. The Mystic can steal 1d2 uses of another Mystics Ki abilities pool by means of this. Non Mystics feel momentarily weakened by the effect (-4 on all rolls for two rounds) but are otherwise not harmed by it. The Mystic can only apply this effect to a given target once per day. There is No saving throw. Use of this power on an unwilling target is considered an evil act. (NB so their is a 50/50 chance of the Mystic getting a use of Ki back over and above the one they needed to expend to use this power..)

Lions Strength

Type Daily Use offensive power

The Mystic uses their Ki to supercharge their own or anothers physical strength for a number of rounds equal to their Mystic Level. The target gains a +5 Strength or +2 Str & +2 Sta OR +1 Str,Sta and Agil for the duration of the powers effect. 18 is still maximum for any characteristic and this ability does not heal lost attribute points in any way. To use on another the Mystic must be able to touch the target.

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