The Beginning

This section is where we can put any ongoing entries of the campaigns storyline. The Journal of your group as it were. Some  will be from me others (I hope) will be from you guys when you have a spare moment where you can detail your characters thoughts and perhaps relive experiences from your point of view. It will all add to the atmosphere of the game so get involved as soon as you like!
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Explored More

Updated Map and XP for last session. Just too bone tired to do any more right now sorry.


Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar¬†= 82
  • Auri¬†= 54 SECOND LEVEL
  • Phaedra¬†= 87
  • Temerian¬†= 74
  • Jospeh Pope II¬†= 94
  • Lucius Singultus¬†= 62
  • Bormir¬†= 62

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed.


Explored so far

Ho Humm.. On my own in the office this week so really have less time than I’d like (LOL) Still best put this up here now before I forget.
This is what JP2, Phaedra & Mogar & sundry explored last week. I’ll leave it to them to explain what they found here. Appended XP to the post, pretty high but many areas were explored and talked around intelligently so well done!

Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar¬†= 74
  • Auri¬†= 47
  • Phaedra¬†= 79
  • Temerian¬†= 66
  • Jospeh Pope II¬†= 86
  • Lucius Singultus¬†= 55
  • Bormir¬†= 56

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed.


Session 1 ‚Äď Poor Traveling Companions [Stylised write up.]

~ Work in Progress post. See this article for explanation ~

Overdue I know and I hope I can find the time to do the next bits as well before Wednesday! If I make any errors in these feel free to comment in and set the record straight. Its only a bit of fun and any help will be welcomed!

Bormir pelted down the road, his stout legs pumping as he whirled his blade around and around his head in defiance at the feasting abominations.

With a sideways look at each other Donny & Auri shared a look of disbelief at the bellicose behaviour. So much for the element of surprise!

“You go left I’ll go right..” Auri began, but was interrupted.

“And I! I shall go though the middle to a glorius battle!” Lucious muttered sibilantly. The sorcerer gathered his robes an scurried after Bormir forthwith.

“Him I expect it from he’s nuts” Donny muttered half to himself. Then more loudly so Auri could hear it. “No I take it back your all Nuts!” he added as his slipped into the foliage at the side of the road and began weaving towards the battle filed.

Auri could hardly disagree. Instead he made his way as subtly as he could to the opposite wagon.

Meanwhile Bormir had closed on the nearest winged beast. Hacking at the think he scored a long slash in it leathery leg making it squeal in pain as the thing raked back at him with huge paw like hands. Metal shrilled as furrows in the metals lacquer peeled away as it raked him. The armour did as it should and turned the blow. Ignoring the blood and gore of the innocents slaughtered around him Bormir struct back again and again using his superior bulk to drive the lighter predator back from his last kill.

Lucious paused at the edge of the clearing a moment and took stock. “Ah such a waste” he sighed, looking at the eviscerated animals and yokels. “Come back to us for a little while!” He whispered then more loudly “By the Will of the Lady of Dark Rebirth Arise you slain take vengeance on your slayers!”

The corpse still in the grip of the further creature shook even as the thing took another bite out of it. Ghastly tendrils of white fungus filled every wound as the deadly demonic spores filled its corpse. Temporarily reanimating the tortured flesh of the peasant..

Shrieking in surprise the Winged beast launched into the air still clutching the now writhing and flailing Zombie.

Donny sneaked into the closest wagon and took a peek out of the cloth cover at the battle. Nope nothing in his line of sight. Shrugging he took out a knife ready to throw if an easy target presented. Then got back to rummaging through the wagon for even easier loot!

Across the ruined campsite, Auri was doing the same. He had also crept into a ruined covered wagon and was observing his fellow dwarfs antics while looking for loot. “Amateur” he snorted as a dagger from Donny when sailing over both Bormir’s head and the creature he was fighting with. His snort of derision changed to a scowl as the creature finally managed to sink a set of its claws deep into Bormir’s shoulder. Tucking the purse he had found into his jerkin he unhooked his pick and dropped from the wagon to approach Bormir’s opponent from behind.

Bormir grunted in pain but fought on. Typically only the loony Mage had followed him in. The dagger had been a surprise so he had to assume one at least of the others was somewhere nearby. He hadn’t the attention to spare right now. He had gotten in a couple of good licks on the creature and it was looking rather shabby now with a wing not able to support it for a day this one would stay here till one of the died. Out of the corner of one eye he saw Auri drop out of a nearby wagon and raise his Pick as he charged the things back. “’bout time as well!”

Lucious stood entranced watching his Zombie fight the airborne creature. Such elegance and grace the creature was obvious of some nether Hell released onto the mortal sphere by arts dark and delicious. As he watched the mighty demon thing tore his fungus Zombie in half and dashed the pieces to the ground. No matter there would always be more dead to replace that. Noting the Tendrils of fungus still writhed in the sundered flesh he nodded a salute to his mistresses power and raised his palm at the supposed victor of the fight. Purple red flame bloomed from his palm and played across the clearing towards the Flying one.


Back at the main body of the group, Joseph Pope eyed the road ahead uneasily. “Ah Bugger this they are taking there own time and i don’t like it!” he declared Come on you two with me!” He shouted as he took off after his supposed scouts.

Phaedra eyed the man run. “Foolish I cannot match that pace with my leg” she muttered supposedly to herself.

“No problem lady!” Boomed Mogar from somewhere almost behind her. Massive hands hoisted her into the air and she was sat across Mogar’s broad shoulders in a trice. “You no weight at all!” The warrior rumbled as he held he legs tight while he charged after Joseph.

Bright ladies save me! Phaedra prayed as she pitched and reeled on the warriors shoulders as the thundered down the path.


Bormir had all but got the better of his creature when with a shriek a third one burst out of the trees and swooped down towards Auri. It failed to connect but it broke his charge. Donny looking out of the wagon stuffed the last of his loot into his pockets and sidled up behind Bormirs foe. The Bloodstained Dwarf was a great distraction at least.

Swiping at the creature trying to rake at him with huge distended toenails Auri was wondering if the thing would ever come into his reach, When suddenly the creature instead of slashing past him ran into something hard and invisible and slid down to the ground like glob of Mud thrown on a wall.

Lucious eyes glittered as the force wall had exacted amusing vengeance on the interloping creature. But before he could capitalise on the temporary victory his first opponent shot back into the air and began to circle him. “Come and fight for me little one” he crooned to the almost decapitated peasant woman near him. Again Ganelea’s ghastly transformation overtook the corpse as it lurched to life as a fungus zombie.

Bormir grunted as he took another minor hit. Next time either of them connected would be it he thought grimly. Best make sure its me! With a  mighty shout the dwarf smashed a massive overhead blow int the thing just at the joint of neck and torso. Eerily the thing instead of spouting more of its weird grey blood hissed and dissolved into a rancid grey mist. Blinking his eyes Bormir found himself squinting at Donny who had evidently been about to stab the thing in its kidneys.

Lucious eyes narrowed as hi target kept swooping in and out of range of his flame blasts. He considered  attempting the Spell he had learned from the Elf but he had yet to try casting mystical bolts and this was not yet so desperate to try and cast a spell for the first time! As he watched mentally urging his remaining Zombie thrall to shield him an arrow arced past the thing and disappeared into t he woods. What was this?

Joseph Pope snapped the bow of his knee in utter frustration. He’d have better luck throwing the arrows at the enemy. Seeing Mogar and.. Phaedra come gulumphing up he motioned towards the battle. “Take your pick” Still on Mogars shoulders Phaedra swung her bone club at the creature dueling Auri While Joseph drew his sword to join Lucious’s Zombie in dispatching the last.


The battle did not last long after that. Lucious’s foe attempting to flee but being swatted down like a blowfly before he could get clear. Looking around at the mess, Lucious’s eye narrowed as the remains of the creature whisped into grey greasy smoke. Returning to their home plain perhaps he realised or something. The discorportaon nagged at a distant memory of something he had read but he couldn’t place it now.

“Ware!” hissed Phaedra reaching for her throwing needles.

Spinning around Joseph could see what she indicated. Something was hiding perhaps about to burst free from a bush. The encounter was not done yet!

With barely a sound the trio of deadly steel darts sliced into the bush to be met by a wet gurgle as at least one found its mark.

Rushing over to the bush Joseph prodded it open with his sword. To their surprise a solitary drover dressed in homespun rages stare back at him sightlessly. The man was covered in barbarous scratches from the creatures claws, but one of Phaedra’s needles sprouted from the base of his throat. Damn! He cant talk at least he thought.

“Heres your needle back witch woman” he said holding it out for the shaman to take. “You missed the bad guys”

“Did I?” she said archly looking emotionlessly at the dead drover. “This battle was his time to die, no more no less” The mysterious witch turned away leaving the rest of them (Apart from Lucious) looking open mouthed at her back…


In due course the rest of the company arrived and the drovers were laid to rest. Some wanted to cremate them but Lucious overruled them quite vehemently, stating there bodies would be far better in the embrace of the Earth. As nobody cared to argue that much with the mad sorcerer shallow graves were scooped out and the bodies of man & beast tipped into them.

The lighter of the two wagons was deemed salvageable and after hitching the spare horse to it Lucious, Temerian and Felix appropriated it for the time being.

Wanting to get a bit more distance the group then pressed on for another hour or so. At least at this campsite they’d not be treated to the aroma of freshly spilled blood as they slept.

Writing Backlog

So I’m getting behind on session write ups I know. But DO intend to get to them. SO for now I am gonna publish a holding page for each one and work on them as time allows.

Its supposed to be a bit of fun and maybe some interest to anyone following the exploits of our misfit hero’s but Works trying to kill me and I would rather focus my free hours right now on getting the subsequent sessions properly prepare.

Then there is Free RPG day coming up as well LOL!

So here’s an idea. If i put up the holding pages I cordially invite any of you in the part to go in an edit in any notes/dialogue you may want top be kept for posterity if you have the time and have the desire. If any of you do that will help my recollections when I get around to doing the write up for that session.

But if you don’t no worries this is a writing exercise for me as much as anything else not trying to shift the workload lol.

Right! lets post where I have got with the journey episodes then a holding page for the incidents in Cahli Village and one for the last session as you trekked through the woods to the Manor itself and what you found just therein…

Night time at Cahli – Part 2 XP awards

Sorry for the delay been a busy week! Ok well that sure didn’t go as expected! But that’s the bitter sweet part of being a GM you plan you plot you set out your adventure…. An a bunch of crazy murder hobo’s tear it into itty bitty pieces.. or die trying!

Nightime in Cahli

Good to see Lucious back into his usual insane form, not sure why you would want to drop improvised bombs into a melee but Okay…

Solid and conventional performances from Bormir, Phaedra, Joseph Pope and Mogar. Before Lucious’s “intervention” all of you had a chance of getting on the wrong end of one of the Night things making the Base Xp 3 for everybody playing an active role.

Given the fact the creatures were still active after the blast when several party members had taken additional damage I’m upping that to 4 points for those mentioned above!

The role play was very strong this session and I want to reflect that so that’s another bonus Xp for each of the main characters.

Some good further role play on the morrow, still that has consumed the “Safe” time during daylight with which you could have made it to the Manor. Lets hope they let you in swiftly before Moon rise ūüėČ .


Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar¬†= 63
  • Auri¬†= 41
  • Phaedra¬†= 68.
  • Temerian¬†= 60
  • Jospeh Pope II¬†= 75
  • Lucius Singultus¬†= 50 SECOND LEVEL
  • Bormir¬†= 53 SECOND LEVEL

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary‚Äôs. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed. Certain “Secondary” characters Like Donny & Boggis have earned a few extras. I’ll notify you when (if) they level to 2nd.


XP Awards Session 1 ‚ÄúNight at Cahli Village‚ÄĚ

Strictly speaking we’re doing the latter half of the road to the village and the first half of the “Night over Cahli” section of this Story Arc…
Buut Nobody cares right? ūüėČ

I think the XP for the session is disproportionately low for the quality of the session but I think that just an artefact of where he stopped

2nd Day last half

Ah well that’s was not quite what I expected. Well OK I did 50/50 expect somebody to be paranoid about a twitching bush after the fight was apparently over. Just didn’t expect it to be the cleric ūüôā Ah well can’t win ’em all. No added XP for rescuing the last survivor, but no penalties either just you wont know what clues he might have been able to tell you


2nd Night

Encounter 2  The Dancing Statue

I love running a group with experienced players…¬† I especially appreciate the staying in character despite for example Matt musta understood what Bormir could not that the critter was immune to non magic weapons. Still could have gone badly or forced Tem to ruin another nights sleep to magic blast the thing. Pretty handy clerics in DCC being able to give a temporary enchantment on a weapon eh! Still sooner or later you’ll meet something that needs a +2 or better to hit so stay sharp ūüôā

2Xp to Phaedra. Joseph Pope 2 and Bormir. 1 Xp for Lucious’s long range blast of fire, not greatly effective but did do something, while the rest of you were “willing” the thing had been Killed due to a confluence of far too many “1s” and experienced players making the most of them ūüôā


3rd Day

Arrival in Cahli

No fighting but there was plenty of good RP & planing and I personally feel there has to be acknowledgement of that.¬† The group also seems tp be function as a group which is great as well ! So +1xp for EVERYONE as a base. Additionally to that I found Donny the cowards performance funny +1 for that. Jp2 Tem, Phaedra and what I am thinking as the “principle” characters were on form as well with Good information being extracted and Tem leading the magic circle for his long bomb attack.

But the thing that got me was that you were obviously ready to either wait it out OR take the battle to the enemy. I have GM’d this adventure twice before and played it once. This is new, 2 previous party’s have usually hunkered down to take the siege then gone on to the manor unscathed (leaving usually a dead villager to the Night things raid in their wake) The only previous one to go out and fight was a TPK…. But they were hopelessly disorganised: the total opposite to you guys.

So although we stopped at the start of any battle in addition to the above I am giving a bonus XP to all the principle Characters. Probably several more points at the end of the nights fighting as yes there will be at least some to go. (No Tem you didn’t bag ALL the Night things with your cruise missile spell)


Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar¬†= 58
  • Auri¬†= 41
  • Phaedra¬†= 63
  • Temerian¬†= 57
  • Jospeh Pope II¬†= 70
  • Lucius Singultus¬†= 46
  • Bormir¬†= 48

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary‚Äôs. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed. Certain “Secondary” characters Like Donny & Boggis have earned a few extras. I’ll notify you when (if) they level to 2nd.


Session 0 – On the Road Again [Stylised write up.]

Right lets see if I can get back into the flow of a journal as well ūüôā

The days passed slowly for some while others were filled with activity. The dwarves in the warband lead by Auri especially seemed to finally have recovered from the voyage to the island and had taken over the inspection and resale or renovation of the salvaged arms and armour from the ruins of the Sandlanders Temple.

After a day or so’s intensive rest the injured magicians were back on their feet. Though in Temerians case it was merely to collect some rations before flopping back into his bed perhaps with a book but more often than not the Elf merely tranced and recuperated.

Lucious was a bit more in evidence. The dark skinned warlock seemed to have made a faster recovery once his eyesight returned. Though the addion of a velvet eye patch did nothing to soften his sinster aspect.

Phaedra was always present in the group. In fact some of the other troopers were begging to get a little spooked as they said every time they turned about there she was silently watching them never saying. After a quiet word from Grimwarden the young mysterious woman instead dissapeared from camp early in the morning to return quite late carrign arm fuls of herbs. Dissapearign into her quarters chanting and invocations could be heard late into the evening. But each day she appeaered with a few vials of healing balm as the results of her efforts. Much more greatful of her now the mercinaries eventualy ignored her as she stood standing watching – judgeing them as they went about thier assigned tasks.

Mogar managed to find a captain that was sailing back to the mainland and had pressed a packet of letters for his family. Hearing the package “chink” revealingly Grimwarden took the big guy aside and gently explained that while it was a fine thing he was doing for his old Mama if he wanted master Zathabar would send part of his wages on to his relatives. Happy at the thought the warrior went back to practising with his new gear.

Joseph Pope surveyed all this from his rooms mainly. His focus was on the road ahead. he’d heard a few rumors and ferreted out a few more. Calling for some more parchment he penned another letter…

At the end of the week the entire warband assembled in the town square. The band had aquired a cart and a couple of spare horses but in the main the troop was packed for marching in decent military order. In fact the sudden display of martial competence had caught the eye of the town guards who non too subtly observed the muster albeit at a respectful distance.

When the troop stood ready Grimwarden cracked them a smile and shook his head. “awe fer gawds sake try and look less green ye boogers! Stand easy ya asshols.” Crackin open a firkin of Ale he took a deep pull then passed it to the next trooper.

“Alright we’re orf from this… nice township. As mosta ye know we got leads saying some of our targets have taken up with the Thane of the next district. Some may even hae signed on wi’ him as gaurds an the like. If so we gotta go a bit careful like. Still and me an master Joseph have discussed if the Thane up there isn’t totally stupid we can make him see that his new recruits have a few bad ‘un in with ’em. As long as we play it cool we should be able to bag at least a couple of them. So I want ye on yer best manners when we get there cause no offence with the local authorities or ye’ll get me boot up yer arse! ” He looked at Jospeh pope. “Anything to add Master?” he asked in a middlin’ respectful tone to the groups brevet leader.

Joseph looked a little nervous as he stepped up. Being right out in th eopen didnt sit well with him. “Not much Master Grimwarden, just this. The Thane up there is a Mage of sorts so take no chances. I heaer there is a growing Bandit problem up there which might be why he hired a bunch more gaurd Or it might be our targets are th ebandits. So we find out the lay of the¬† land then we act. That’s all”

“Fair enough,” Grimwarden agreed. “Well looks like three days march maybe just two is we step lively and master elf in there.” He stuck a thick finger out in the direction of the Covered wagon “gets his beauty sleep. Stay alert and lets be on the way!”

The group had been on the road for maybe four five hours when the the forward scouts called a halt.

“Whats the situation?” Joseph pope asked of “Rats” & Boggis.

“Take a look” Rats replied laconically indicating the scuffed ground ahead of them. Squatting down Jospeh could see the definite impressions of tracks crossing the road at right angles. Glancing to the side of the road he could now a group had left the high grassy fields on one side of the track and crossed over to the next just ahead of them.

“Who and how many you think”?

“Ah easy that one seen plent of tracks like that last week or two. Lizard folk a buncha them but trying to make their numbers seem smaller I deem.”

“More than us?”

“Maybe…” came the laconic reply

Joseph thought a moment. “Ok you two go follow the tracks for a few minutes see if you can determine thier numbers just don’t get seen!”

“No fear of that!” Rats agreed “C’mon smelly lets take a look see”

Returning to th wagon in the center of the group Jospeh explained what had been found to the rest of the group. “I figure we wait up a few minutes – no more than an hour and see what the scouts find out. I’m not having a large force of Lizard people wandering about unless i have at least an idea where they are!”

“Right” agreed Grimwarden. “Ok Lads eight pickets on alert one with a bow one with a shield in front of them. Compass point watch. Get to it!”

Forty minute or so later Rats and Boggis slipped back into camp. “Well we seen ’em at a distance about 50 of the Lizard folk heading back towards the Town we came from.”

“You sure they are not going to double back on us then?”

“Nah cant be sure o that without being close enough to hear ’em. But I saw no sign, this was a raiding party alright then had plenty of empty sacks stuffed in packs and lots rope. I figure they were gonna plunder a farm or two maybe scare the town, but there’s not enough of them to take those walls.”

“As long as there not on our tails.”

“But what of the people in the town?”

“We’re not on retainer for them so what?”

“True. But even so…”

“Ok can we get a message back to them without gettin’ caught?”

“Leave that to me!” Termerian interjected from the edge of the Wagon “I need to practice I suppose”

Once the magician had sent the Guard of Newsandport a warning the Warband again set out. A few hours later the group pulled just to the side of the road and set up a camp for the night on a flat piece of ground on the edge of a small copse of woods.

“Ok I want constant watches over night” Joesph Pope declared once the horses were tied up and the beginnings of a camp fire going. “Two folks every four hours overlapping”

Some time later Mogar and Boggis were staring morosely out into the empty still countryside. When a strange noise got Boggis’ attention. Stumbling towards it he suddenly felt the ground dissappear beneath his feet. “Help!” he cried as the ground swallowed him hole (Pun Intended).

Mogar rushed over just in time to see a whitish blur in the sky silhouetted against the waxing moon. Effortlessly the Owl floated past him to disappear into the nearby trees.

Scrambling to the edge of a rough pit Mogars nostrils wrinkled at the aroma wafting up from below. “Quick get me out!” Boggis cried all the louder waking some of the camp.

“Trust you to find a latrine pit!” Mogar grunted as he heaved the man back to the surface. “How do you stand that smell?”

“What smell?” Boggis replied confusedly…


In the light of Morning the warband could see a few other signs that there camp site had been used at some point before them. Not terribly recently but clearly the copse beside the highway was popular among travellers.

The day wore on and they made good progress. it was interesting to see the landscape slowly get less dry and barren with more and more trees staring to be in evidence. As much as the group enjoyed this it slowly came to them that the land was strangely empty, less wildlife was in evidence than you’d expect for the growing verdantcy of the landscape? Likewise, for a busy route between districts the fact they were yet to come across any other travellers was perhaps noteworthy as well.

Though to be fair anyone seeing a two dozen strong band of warriors might think it a good idea to go hide in the bushes while they went by…!

Just after mid afternoon Temerian’s Meditations were disturbed once more. Not this time from any of his oafish companions hollering but by his own familiar. The nightmarish creature began crooning to itself and swaying irritatingly from side to side. Sensing no fear only… ‘admiration?(!)” emanating from it Tem eventually had to demand an explanation.

“Well! what ails you creature” he ordered; dimly realising he perhaps ought to give the parody of a horse and giuant bat an actual name sometime.

“ohh my master..” It crooned “Something lies ahead of my order, my home. Strong and full of shadows” it thought back at him.

Suddenly alarmed he asked: “What of your order. What mean you? Demon kind?”

The creature hesitated. “No but they dwell in the abyssal shadows that I can feel but I know them not” it replied a little more calmly.

Cursing the interruption Temerian summoned the others, and explained the news.

“Hmm well I’m not going to run into a demon thing either” Joseph exclaimed. “Any volunteers see what the little creature thinks he feels?”

Auri Bormir Lucious and Donny crept forward. A half mil;e down the road they could make out a pair of wagons, but they were not camped. No they were skewed crazily across the path. A road block maybe?

Auri unshipped his spyglass and took a closer look. Two thin gangling creatures with over large heads and hand flittered between the wagons on huge leathery wings. no more than man high they were clearly not like the Huge eyeless Demonic thing the others had fought in the temple.

Hurredly describing what he saw to his fellow he suggested carefully advancing from the flanks to….

“Chaaaaaarrgggeee…” screamed Bormir brandishing his weapons as the dwarf took off at full pelt down the road….

And there I’ll leave this as while we manged to play out the fight there was just a touch more in that scene I wanted to see played out before we move past it. Besides this narrative has gone on quite far enough for one post LOL!


XP Awards Session 0 “On the road at last!”

Righto Peeps lets get going!

Hope you all enjoyed the mini session last Wednesday, more to come! Glad to see Mat decided that despite his frailties Tem could put in an appearance!

Right so in terms of play experience not huge but that’s to be expected in a warm up. Still there is this:

1st Day & Night

Encounter 1: Deciding what to do about the Lizard raiders

Fair enough to ya! This was one of those encounters that I threw just to see how you’d react. As pointed out you were NOT Hired to act as town guards so sending message warning was a reasonable (& cheap in terms of effort) solution. So everyone can take 1 Xp for that except Temerian who had his rest (& thus his recovery!) set back He can get 2 Xp. If I am honest I expected you to let the town totally fend for itself.. With my second guess being you’d send back some of the NPC/Secondary characters in your Warband back to assist/Warn the Locals. No worries I expect you to surprise me.. Just dunno how OFC!

Encounter 2: Night time Camp chaos.

Again a “test” encounter to see how you were thinking. Nobody searched the camp site Hmmm that may cost you later – be told! Still nothing threatening this time. In appreciation for the Ben & Stimpy show provided by Mogar & Boggis I award each 1 Xp. Lori you pointing out the “Gongfarmer” would know about the contents of an old latrine pit nearly made me die! Yes! Yes he would…..!!!

2nd Day

Encounter 1 “The destroyed carts”

Ah yes well we didn’t quite complete that in the time allowed by our shortened session But in the main you did what needed to be done.

All characters (Primary or Secondary) of players present can take 1 Xp plus the following get another one for getting stuck into the fighting these nameless Etherial preditors:

Auri, Donny & Lucious. For leading the Charge Bormir gets 2Xp For arriving before the end of the fight and ensuring no party injuries JP2 Phaedra & Mogar can each have one as well.

So next time we shall resume right where we stopped directly after the fight so you can properly look around, I believe somebody had the idea of renovating the Wagons for some added transport yes… Well don’t want to hurry that as while its a fine idea I want to play something else out at the battle site when we’re not rushing to get out please ūüôā May do a story post write up of this over the weekend as the mood strikes me ūüėÄ

Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar = 56
  • Auri¬†= 39
  • Phaedra = 60
  • Temerian = 55
  • Jospeh Pope II = 66
  • Lucius Singultus = 44
  • Bormir¬†= 46

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed.