New Chapter

This campaign is one I wrote about seven years ago for D&D 2nd edition. It was a blend of some of my own Adventures and some “Mini” modules from magazines and so forth, the idea was to blend all these together in a chain for players up to 5th/6th level.

Here I am adapting it to DCC rule system so all bets are off for any of you that might just might have come across some of the source material before. Adventure maps may well be the same but to streamline mini adventures into things that can be done in a couple of session expect rooms and areas to be inaccessible to you from “structural collapses” and or flooding or similar.

Always remember your overall mission is to find as many of the Villains on your Warrant scroll. If you take too long to do so they may flee and either go to ground (get away permanently) or if you are lucky relocate to another adventure further along the chain. Every time they get away from you they WILL gain a level so catch them in order if you can or you may find yourselves opposed by more High level NPC’s than you bargained for later on!