Epilogue: “The Litchway” [Aftermath]

It still took a couple of hours for the main squad of Justice moon troops to strip out the remaining movables of Dark Odo’s erstwhile lair. Any complaints were short lived when Grimwarden reminded the crew that anything not a personal trophy would be sold and distributed to the whole team. As soon as they realised they’d get paid to be thorough the ordinary troopers attacked the task with a will.

Onboard the boat Felix looked worriedly at Temerian. The mage had exhausted himself fighting the supernatural creatures of the rogue apprentice mage. It saddened the little hobbit to see a friend in such a state.

Others were less charitable. Grimwarden looked the resting elf over and clicked his teeth. “Look master mage” he began, I dont pretend to know much about that abominable power your sort wield but I do know you need to husband your strength better! I;ll do what I can for you but you’ll need a coupe of weeks rest at least before you recover from the looks of you! Be prudent will ye? Master Zathabarius invested good money into your education!”

Temerians eyes narrowed at the ignorant Dwarfs attempt at schooling him on things the dolt could not hope to understand. Still as the Dwarfs prayer restored a trickle of strength to him he held his tongue – for now..

In another cabin Phaedra had called in on the Dark Sorcerer Lucious. The disturbing man was sitting sightlessly on a bed rocking to and fro as he clutched a spell book taken in prize from the temple.

“Your help was invaluable master Lucious” she began. “Now there is more time I shall see what can be done to restore your sight, so you can use that book perhaps?”

“Many thanks strange lady, I owed that sorceress the defeat, restore my eyes and I shall happily repay your, your kindness..” the man hissed.

Over the next few days the group recovered as best they might. Temerian with enough bed rest and the occasional healing from Grimwarden regained enough strength to no longer need assistance and began to study his prize spell book.

Phaedra eventually managed to cure Lucious’s sight but not quite in the way either of them intended. One eye cleared as normal but the other. remained black as a pool of water reflecting the starlit sky… What this may mean neither of them knew. But despite its strange appearance Lucious reported it saw as well as it ever did. And the marks of power were a badge of honour among his calling.

Mogar and Rats had new prize weapons to practice with. And Mogar found time to take the damaged suit of mail he had discovered to a smith to have it repaired and altered to fit him better.

Felix’s good humour swiftly recovered as he saw his friends healing. Pretty soon he was more or less his old silly self again though he seemed a distracted. Playing with his share of the coin from the raid over and over with child like abandon.

Joseph however had the greatest shock. After a few days rest Grimwarden came up to him and handed him the scroll of the warrant. “I jus’ heard form master Zathabarius, he wants you to co ordinate our next mission. Don’t get too excited its only a brevet filed promotion and temporary at that. But you can look after this fer now!”

Right this will do for now until the next official session. Between now and then I’ll be writing some specifics to your private character pages on this site and PM’ing you other info or links to where I have it here.

Now some I know would like to swap out characters which is fine at the end of one arc and the beginning of another is the ideal place to do it.

You have 7 days down time before the official start of the next adventure arc. You can use that as you will along these guidlines:

  • If you gained an item of potential significance then one day can be said to be consumed in practising with it researching its abilities, having it tailored to fit etc etc.  This time I am granting each of you that gained a special item one free day of this. But if you gained more than one significant item then you choose which is your freebie and must pay a day of downtime to check out the second (+) items.
  • If you gained a spell book. It takes 1 day of study to get an idea what the books contents and any defences on the the book against unauthorised readers! The one day per spell level to transcribe and or learn a spell from it that you previously did not know. Learning new magics here takes TIME! So choose wisely.
  • If you wish you can spend a day on complete debauchery (Or training/study if you want to sound sensible) and may spend cash to gain extra XP at the rate of 1 Gp cumulative Example 1 Gp spent = 1 XP. 2 Xp costs (1 GP + 2 GP) or 3 Gp.  3 Xp = (1 Gp+ 2 Gp +4 Gp) = 7 GP.  4 Xp in a single day is (1+2+4+8 GP) 15 GP! This is Maximum for one day.
    So in theory if you do nothing but train and you can afford it you can add up to 28 XP to your total (If you have as I said 105 GP to spend from your personal stash! – Which you don’t I made sure of that!)
  • A day spent researching the next mission will grant the person so doing some tidbits of info on the next story arc, and is a damn fine idea 🙂 Spend more days for more info of course to  maximum of 3 days total for the party as there is only so much I am gonna give away naturally!

Between natural rest and the attention of the party’s Clerics all normal HP damage will be restored before we start the next Arc. Its only attribute damage we may need to pay special attention to. Luck for Hobbits & Rogues should be back at its normal levels as well.

Lastly I want you to deduct “living expenses” money for the week 42 CP. (6/day) if you choose to live very frugally. 7 Sp for normal expenses. And if you prefer to be a “High Roller” its 3 Gp for the week. Each of those choices has a consequence. 🙂 Nope not telling ya till you tell me how you spend your down time. But the is obviously more chance of a GOOD consequence if you pay for it.

Special note for the Spellcasters:

Temerian: as you had one attribute below the usual minimum of 3 I strongly suspect you’d have been confined to Bed for a day while that healed back to 3. After that you should choose how many days you spend at normal activity such as detailed above (Healing 1 Attribute point) and how many completely resting (restoring 2 points) but no added activity allowed.

Lucius. I did some dice rolling and assuming Phaedra took her time to Pray Fast and do the Cleric equivalent of a Ritual before she attempted to heal you it takes her one full day to cure your sight. During that time you can not study your spell books etc and can only rest. But after that you use the above rules, so I’m guessing that would be 2 Pts of spell-burn recovered normally

Phaedra: You may at your option Pray and Sacrifice treasure to store up some good will with your Deity. 5 Gp of goods sacrificed in this way gives you a 1 point Favour that you can spend to avoid getting a spell disapproval point 10Gp grants 2 points of favour 20 Gp sacrifice grants 3 Points which is your maximum.

After reviewing this post I am going to make up a check form where you can quickly list your options for convenience 🙂 Please also check you respective personal pages – especially the private GM to player notes sections!


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