XP Awards Session 0 “On the road at last!”

Righto Peeps lets get going!

Hope you all enjoyed the mini session last Wednesday, more to come! Glad to see Mat decided that despite his frailties Tem could put in an appearance!

Right so in terms of play experience not huge but that’s to be expected in a warm up. Still there is this:

1st Day & Night

Encounter 1: Deciding what to do about the Lizard raiders

Fair enough to ya! This was one of those encounters that I threw just to see how you’d react. As pointed out you were NOT Hired to act as town guards so sending message warning was a reasonable (& cheap in terms of effort) solution. So everyone can take 1 Xp for that except Temerian who had his rest (& thus his recovery!) set back He can get 2 Xp. If I am honest I expected you to let the town totally fend for itself.. With my second guess being you’d send back some of the NPC/Secondary characters in your Warband back to assist/Warn the Locals. No worries I expect you to surprise me.. Just dunno how OFC!

Encounter 2: Night time Camp chaos.

Again a “test” encounter to see how you were thinking. Nobody searched the camp site Hmmm that may cost you later – be told! Still nothing threatening this time. In appreciation for the Ben & Stimpy show provided by Mogar & Boggis I award each 1 Xp. Lori you pointing out the “Gongfarmer” would know about the contents of an old latrine pit nearly made me die! Yes! Yes he would…..!!!

2nd Day

Encounter 1 “The destroyed carts”

Ah yes well we didn’t quite complete that in the time allowed by our shortened session But in the main you did what needed to be done.

All characters (Primary or Secondary) of players present can take 1 Xp plus the following get another one for getting stuck into the fighting these nameless Etherial preditors:

Auri, Donny & Lucious. For leading the Charge Bormir gets 2Xp For arriving before the end of the fight and ensuring no party injuries JP2 Phaedra & Mogar can each have one as well.

So next time we shall resume right where we stopped directly after the fight so you can properly look around, I believe somebody had the idea of renovating the Wagons for some added transport yes… Well don’t want to hurry that as while its a fine idea I want to play something else out at the battle site when we’re not rushing to get out please 🙂 May do a story post write up of this over the weekend as the mood strikes me 😀

Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar = 56
  • Auri = 39
  • Phaedra = 60
  • Temerian = 55
  • Jospeh Pope II = 66
  • Lucius Singultus = 44
  • Bormir = 46

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed.

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