Session 1 – Poor Traveling Companions [Stylised write up.]

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Overdue I know and I hope I can find the time to do the next bits as well before Wednesday! If I make any errors in these feel free to comment in and set the record straight. Its only a bit of fun and any help will be welcomed!

Bormir pelted down the road, his stout legs pumping as he whirled his blade around and around his head in defiance at the feasting abominations.

With a sideways look at each other Donny & Auri shared a look of disbelief at the bellicose behaviour. So much for the element of surprise!

“You go left I’ll go right..” Auri began, but was interrupted.

“And I! I shall go though the middle to a glorius battle!” Lucious muttered sibilantly. The sorcerer gathered his robes an scurried after Bormir forthwith.

“Him I expect it from he’s nuts” Donny muttered half to himself. Then more loudly so Auri could hear it. “No I take it back your all Nuts!” he added as his slipped into the foliage at the side of the road and began weaving towards the battle filed.

Auri could hardly disagree. Instead he made his way as subtly as he could to the opposite wagon.

Meanwhile Bormir had closed on the nearest winged beast. Hacking at the think he scored a long slash in it leathery leg making it squeal in pain as the thing raked back at him with huge paw like hands. Metal shrilled as furrows in the metals lacquer peeled away as it raked him. The armour did as it should and turned the blow. Ignoring the blood and gore of the innocents slaughtered around him Bormir struct back again and again using his superior bulk to drive the lighter predator back from his last kill.

Lucious paused at the edge of the clearing a moment and took stock. “Ah such a waste” he sighed, looking at the eviscerated animals and yokels. “Come back to us for a little while!” He whispered then more loudly “By the Will of the Lady of Dark Rebirth Arise you slain take vengeance on your slayers!”

The corpse still in the grip of the further creature shook even as the thing took another bite out of it. Ghastly tendrils of white fungus filled every wound as the deadly demonic spores filled its corpse. Temporarily reanimating the tortured flesh of the peasant..

Shrieking in surprise the Winged beast launched into the air still clutching the now writhing and flailing Zombie.

Donny sneaked into the closest wagon and took a peek out of the cloth cover at the battle. Nope nothing in his line of sight. Shrugging he took out a knife ready to throw if an easy target presented. Then got back to rummaging through the wagon for even easier loot!

Across the ruined campsite, Auri was doing the same. He had also crept into a ruined covered wagon and was observing his fellow dwarfs antics while looking for loot. “Amateur” he snorted as a dagger from Donny when sailing over both Bormir’s head and the creature he was fighting with. His snort of derision changed to a scowl as the creature finally managed to sink a set of its claws deep into Bormir’s shoulder. Tucking the purse he had found into his jerkin he unhooked his pick and dropped from the wagon to approach Bormir’s opponent from behind.

Bormir grunted in pain but fought on. Typically only the loony Mage had followed him in. The dagger had been a surprise so he had to assume one at least of the others was somewhere nearby. He hadn’t the attention to spare right now. He had gotten in a couple of good licks on the creature and it was looking rather shabby now with a wing not able to support it for a day this one would stay here till one of the died. Out of the corner of one eye he saw Auri drop out of a nearby wagon and raise his Pick as he charged the things back. “’bout time as well!”

Lucious stood entranced watching his Zombie fight the airborne creature. Such elegance and grace the creature was obvious of some nether Hell released onto the mortal sphere by arts dark and delicious. As he watched the mighty demon thing tore his fungus Zombie in half and dashed the pieces to the ground. No matter there would always be more dead to replace that. Noting the Tendrils of fungus still writhed in the sundered flesh he nodded a salute to his mistresses power and raised his palm at the supposed victor of the fight. Purple red flame bloomed from his palm and played across the clearing towards the Flying one.


Back at the main body of the group, Joseph Pope eyed the road ahead uneasily. “Ah Bugger this they are taking there own time and i don’t like it!” he declared Come on you two with me!” He shouted as he took off after his supposed scouts.

Phaedra eyed the man run. “Foolish I cannot match that pace with my leg” she muttered supposedly to herself.

“No problem lady!” Boomed Mogar from somewhere almost behind her. Massive hands hoisted her into the air and she was sat across Mogar’s broad shoulders in a trice. “You no weight at all!” The warrior rumbled as he held he legs tight while he charged after Joseph.

Bright ladies save me! Phaedra prayed as she pitched and reeled on the warriors shoulders as the thundered down the path.


Bormir had all but got the better of his creature when with a shriek a third one burst out of the trees and swooped down towards Auri. It failed to connect but it broke his charge. Donny looking out of the wagon stuffed the last of his loot into his pockets and sidled up behind Bormirs foe. The Bloodstained Dwarf was a great distraction at least.

Swiping at the creature trying to rake at him with huge distended toenails Auri was wondering if the thing would ever come into his reach, When suddenly the creature instead of slashing past him ran into something hard and invisible and slid down to the ground like glob of Mud thrown on a wall.

Lucious eyes glittered as the force wall had exacted amusing vengeance on the interloping creature. But before he could capitalise on the temporary victory his first opponent shot back into the air and began to circle him. “Come and fight for me little one” he crooned to the almost decapitated peasant woman near him. Again Ganelea’s ghastly transformation overtook the corpse as it lurched to life as a fungus zombie.

Bormir grunted as he took another minor hit. Next time either of them connected would be it he thought grimly. Best make sure its me! With a  mighty shout the dwarf smashed a massive overhead blow int the thing just at the joint of neck and torso. Eerily the thing instead of spouting more of its weird grey blood hissed and dissolved into a rancid grey mist. Blinking his eyes Bormir found himself squinting at Donny who had evidently been about to stab the thing in its kidneys.

Lucious eyes narrowed as hi target kept swooping in and out of range of his flame blasts. He considered  attempting the Spell he had learned from the Elf but he had yet to try casting mystical bolts and this was not yet so desperate to try and cast a spell for the first time! As he watched mentally urging his remaining Zombie thrall to shield him an arrow arced past the thing and disappeared into t he woods. What was this?

Joseph Pope snapped the bow of his knee in utter frustration. He’d have better luck throwing the arrows at the enemy. Seeing Mogar and.. Phaedra come gulumphing up he motioned towards the battle. “Take your pick” Still on Mogars shoulders Phaedra swung her bone club at the creature dueling Auri While Joseph drew his sword to join Lucious’s Zombie in dispatching the last.


The battle did not last long after that. Lucious’s foe attempting to flee but being swatted down like a blowfly before he could get clear. Looking around at the mess, Lucious’s eye narrowed as the remains of the creature whisped into grey greasy smoke. Returning to their home plain perhaps he realised or something. The discorportaon nagged at a distant memory of something he had read but he couldn’t place it now.

“Ware!” hissed Phaedra reaching for her throwing needles.

Spinning around Joseph could see what she indicated. Something was hiding perhaps about to burst free from a bush. The encounter was not done yet!

With barely a sound the trio of deadly steel darts sliced into the bush to be met by a wet gurgle as at least one found its mark.

Rushing over to the bush Joseph prodded it open with his sword. To their surprise a solitary drover dressed in homespun rages stare back at him sightlessly. The man was covered in barbarous scratches from the creatures claws, but one of Phaedra’s needles sprouted from the base of his throat. Damn! He cant talk at least he thought.

“Heres your needle back witch woman” he said holding it out for the shaman to take. “You missed the bad guys”

“Did I?” she said archly looking emotionlessly at the dead drover. “This battle was his time to die, no more no less” The mysterious witch turned away leaving the rest of them (Apart from Lucious) looking open mouthed at her back…


In due course the rest of the company arrived and the drovers were laid to rest. Some wanted to cremate them but Lucious overruled them quite vehemently, stating there bodies would be far better in the embrace of the Earth. As nobody cared to argue that much with the mad sorcerer shallow graves were scooped out and the bodies of man & beast tipped into them.

The lighter of the two wagons was deemed salvageable and after hitching the spare horse to it Lucious, Temerian and Felix appropriated it for the time being.

Wanting to get a bit more distance the group then pressed on for another hour or so. At least at this campsite they’d not be treated to the aroma of freshly spilled blood as they slept.

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