Levelling Up.

With last session 5 out of the 7 PC’s edged it to 2nd level, while I know you can access the rule book Lt if you need to I thought to make a post about it just to clarify/draw your attention to the main points. May edit this as other things occur to me or are discussed with other players. But first draft is:


  • First up you may level right away, there is no need to sit & meditate/train etc etc.
  • Hit points. As I’ve settled on a party of strong single play characters rather than everyone playing 2 or more this time feel free to roll you own hit points but if you get less than half the dice maximum you may roll again But the second result stands. From third level on whatever you get on the dice is what you get. EG Mogar uses a d12 if he rolls 5 or less he can roll again for HP but if he gets 1-5 this time then its fate tough luck. Adjust this result by your Maximum STA modifier (Relax Tem you don’t use your spell burned STA to figure this)
  • Saving throws & Thief skills. Check the individual charts on your class entry, some of these will have gone up as in some cases will your combat bonus. If I have your character sheet I’ll adjust that accordingly before next week.
  • Spells: Phaedra & Temerian: Each of you will be able to memorise at least one more spell in a given day. You do NOT get to memorise two copies of the same spell as much as I suspect Tem would like to have Magic Missile x 2 in case of a misfire. However, Tem may choose ANY one 1st level spell from the master list that he has “Discovered” how to cast to add to his private library. I however recommend you hold off on that till you discover what is in the Grimoire(s) you have recovered, that way you wont waste a the free pick with something you are about to have access to by right of loot! Phaedra you will need to pray for a short while (at least 30 mins) to be able to access your extra spell(s). In both cases your bonus spells due to high attribute does not apply a second time. That is figured once per spell level only. SO next level (3rd) when you gain access to 2nd Level spells you can get a bonus one or two for your exceptional attributes, but I’ll explain more when we get there.
  • Attribute increases. You may all roll for an improvement in one attribute as per last time. Sorry Tem as I am sure you have guessed you use your normal score not the temporarily reduced one…


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