Voices from the Crypt

Righto… Just in case somebodies watching this thread LOL!
Be it known I am about 65% of the way through converting & writing the next adventure in this campaign to DCC

Its arranged in several “Acts” two or three of which should be one session all being well only the main event should definitely take multiple sessions to complete.

Just because you may see some activity here should you think I am “champing at the bit” to get back in the Hotseat. Au contrair really enjoying Matts game as always, just in my odd moments making sure that when he’s good and ready I can offer you all something directly 🙂

I do plan on doing an Epilogue write up of some of the things that happened via PM after the last session here. But that will wait till I have the Next adventure in the can as the saying goes 🙂


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