Epilogue: “The Litchway” [Part One]

Seeing Joseph & Felix lead the injured sorcerers back towards the docks, “Rats” Magee shook his head. He’d barely managed to get in here and folk were heading out the door! Looking over to where Phaedra was bandaging a scratch on Mogars forehead; he asked.

“Well what about your two? There gotta be more loot to find in a bloody burial crypt!”

Phaedra adjusted her hood and replied. “I am sure their is. But we are not here to rob the honoured dead, Mister Magee!” She declared – a note of warning in her voice.

“Fkkn peasants aint got shit anyhow..” He muttered.

“What was that!” the cleric barked.

“Erm! I was just thinking aloud that she..” he pointed to the bloodstain that marked Dark Odo’s final resting place “… or her creatures mighta left something still. This place’s been looted and fought over a few years, the looters may have left some stuff that wasn’t grave plunder that’s all. I reckon it deserves a quick look just to check it out?”

“Spider..” Mogar mumbled as his bandage slipped again over one eye.

“What mate?” Asked ‘Rats’

“They didn’t bury no spider, so there’s gotta be some things out of place. Besides I thought I saw something back there?”

‘Rats’ looked at the big guy sceptically. He’d already cased the sticky and now scorched ruin of the spiders nest. Still if it got the pair of ’em going he might get his chance to loot still. He nodded. “Alright lets check it out again, but after I wanna at least see where the main passage leads. Ok!?”

“I am curious to know what causes this low whistling howl” Phaedra admitted. The other two blinked and concentrated a moment. Yeah the faint whistling noise was ever present like hearing the trees hiss with the wind outside your bedroom window.

“Exactly!” Declared ‘Rats’ with a grin “Probably out to put that in our final report anyhow, right?”

Phaedra nodded a little hesitantly in agreement as Mogar stumped back off to the side passage where they had burned the spiders webs.

After a few moments wading through the sticky half burned webbing Mogar grunted with satisfaction “Found something!” The warrior half dragged a skeletal corpse out of the ruined webs.

Phaedra coughed as the ashes kicked up and swirled around them. “Drag the dead one free Mogar” she instructed. Turning to ‘Rats’ she nodded. “You were right that gear is not of the local make I can see that from here. A looter most like .

‘Rats’ agreed with the woman. Inwardly he was cursing he’d missed the corpse before they torched the webbing! Still any coin the deader had would still be good; just a little grubby.

A few minutes work had the body and its remaining gear back out into the wider hallway. Whomever they had been they had invested in some decent gear at least. The three set the small pile of coin and still good supplies to one side to go into the general pool. But each made sure to pick out a trophy item. Mogar took the sword as it looked pretty despite the layer of ash and grime. Rats was admiring the workmanship of the crossbow the unknown man had carried. The string was charred and ruined but that would be an easy fix once they got back to town. But apart from that its was a quality bit of gear.

Phaedra knelt by the mans body whispering a prayer for the departed. What ever it was she held in her hand ‘Rats’ was pretty sure wasn’t her Holy symbol. The rogue smiled as apparently the cleric wasn’t above a tasteful bit of looting either, in the right cause of course!

After setting the mans remains in an empty crypt the trio turned their attention to the main hallway once more…

Seriously dudes! Have you any idea how annoying that was? You basically ran for the door before I could introduce more loot for you??? Hrmm gonna have to be a bit less “subtle” in future sessions I can see that now – especially if I want to salt the loot with  plot hook items.
Probably do another (or even more) of these epilogue type posts as I get my notes in order in preparation for another story arc.

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