Xp- Awards Session 4

OK Running behind here so am dropping this in as a retrospective record:

Base XP for the session: One extended encounter (one and a half encounters I suppose!) Difficult level/Life threatening so base 3 Xp

Ben – Mogar- Warrior- Good RP I really liked how you blunted the effects of being charmed by playing up your “Accent Card card” this session. Probably saved a party members life as you could have likely killed one in a single blow had you blindly attacked. +2 Xp also +1 Luck for surviving Tem’s rather rough subdual technique by the flip of a coin!

Dave – Felix – Halfling – Always fun to watch you play the little guy, Going to be interesting how Temerian does when his Luck battery is on fumes mind you! Especially loved using the controlled party members as cover! As another halfling said ones : “A defensive Blocker I’m not!” +1 Xp

Mat. – Temerian – Elf Mage – Ahh some seriously good Mage cannon work tonight! The dice godz are with theee! +1 Luck for taking the risk. Clever thought to wall off the Party with a force barrier. Mind you can work both ways as you saw as it gave them a chance to retreat deeper into the complex possibly setting booby traps behind them. Still good thinking on your feet. Also played to your Cards dictum very well +3 Xp

Sam – Joseph Pope II – Rogue – Played to your cards strength again I see, nice try at talking your way out of a 3 vs 2 fight when they discovered you breaking into the bridge +2 Xp

Sadly we saw (with mutual consent) the End of Arvid Klerx this time. Still I can say Toms got a great concept for his replacement (I trust that scares you as it should!)

Phaedra & Rats Magee absent to Work/Sickness etc but I keep a reduced average of the party’s XP per session (Arn’t spreadsheets useful!) so that will go on their total count so they wont be desperately behind when they resume (they will still be behind those that could make it naturally otherwise its unfair.)

XP Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar 23
  • Felix 24
  • Phaedra 21
  • Temerian 25
  • Jospeh Pope II 25
  • Arvid Klerx (Deceased) 22
  • Rats Magee 20

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Thus currently Toms new one for example will start on 15 Xp

Right now I had better to last Wednesdays XP award next LOL! Story time will have to come later I am afraid folks!

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