XP Awards Session 1 “Night at Cahli Village”

Strictly speaking we’re doing the latter half of the road to the village and the first half of the “Night over Cahli” section of this Story Arc…
Buut Nobody cares right? 😉

I think the XP for the session is disproportionately low for the quality of the session but I think that just an artefact of where he stopped

2nd Day last half

Ah well that’s was not quite what I expected. Well OK I did 50/50 expect somebody to be paranoid about a twitching bush after the fight was apparently over. Just didn’t expect it to be the cleric 🙂 Ah well can’t win ’em all. No added XP for rescuing the last survivor, but no penalties either just you wont know what clues he might have been able to tell you


2nd Night

Encounter 2  The Dancing Statue

I love running a group with experienced players…  I especially appreciate the staying in character despite for example Matt musta understood what Bormir could not that the critter was immune to non magic weapons. Still could have gone badly or forced Tem to ruin another nights sleep to magic blast the thing. Pretty handy clerics in DCC being able to give a temporary enchantment on a weapon eh! Still sooner or later you’ll meet something that needs a +2 or better to hit so stay sharp 🙂

2Xp to Phaedra. Joseph Pope 2 and Bormir. 1 Xp for Lucious’s long range blast of fire, not greatly effective but did do something, while the rest of you were “willing” the thing had been Killed due to a confluence of far too many “1s” and experienced players making the most of them 🙂


3rd Day

Arrival in Cahli

No fighting but there was plenty of good RP & planing and I personally feel there has to be acknowledgement of that.  The group also seems tp be function as a group which is great as well ! So +1xp for EVERYONE as a base. Additionally to that I found Donny the cowards performance funny +1 for that. Jp2 Tem, Phaedra and what I am thinking as the “principle” characters were on form as well with Good information being extracted and Tem leading the magic circle for his long bomb attack.

But the thing that got me was that you were obviously ready to either wait it out OR take the battle to the enemy. I have GM’d this adventure twice before and played it once. This is new, 2 previous party’s have usually hunkered down to take the siege then gone on to the manor unscathed (leaving usually a dead villager to the Night things raid in their wake) The only previous one to go out and fight was a TPK…. But they were hopelessly disorganised: the total opposite to you guys.

So although we stopped at the start of any battle in addition to the above I am giving a bonus XP to all the principle Characters. Probably several more points at the end of the nights fighting as yes there will be at least some to go. (No Tem you didn’t bag ALL the Night things with your cruise missile spell)


Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar = 58
  • Auri = 41
  • Phaedra = 63
  • Temerian = 57
  • Jospeh Pope II = 70
  • Lucius Singultus = 46
  • Bormir = 48

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed. Certain “Secondary” characters Like Donny & Boggis have earned a few extras. I’ll notify you when (if) they level to 2nd.


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