Xp- Awards Session 7

Again gonna make a start on this post – even if I don’t publish it right away ASAP. Great to see everyone here as well, makes for a challenging session but well worth it!  Lot happened some behind the scenes to some! Several characters have accumulated enough XP to achieve 2nd level after this session. I’ll make a separate post about leveling up procedure in due course as a result. If you have specific questions post here in comment sof PM on facebook whichevers easier. Now here goes the breakdown.

Base XP for the session: Four  encounters:

  1. Investigate the Vampire statue room –Easy 1 Xp
  2. Fight the Demi Succubus and Dark Odo’s surviving Minions –Heroic 5 Xp
  3. Search the camp and fight off the Giant spider –Moderate 2 Xp
  4. Investigate – and NOT trip something very baaad in the Singing statue chamber –Moderate 2 Xp

For a max total of 10 XP for the session before individual and special awards. In the case of the last “encounter” with the singing statue only half of you can claim to have been involved in it. (so far)

Ben – Mogar- Warrior-  Its a good job really Mogar is such a nice guy. Everybody seems to be out to get him! For playing when under the delusion effect so well   +1 Xp (4 encounters 11 total)

Dave – Felix – Halfling – Ah the child like innocence and deadly combat power of the Halfling of mystery returns! Felix seems to be genuinely lucky Dave even if his attribute score is temporarily lowered from use. Figured your card role as well +2 XP (3 Encounters 10 Total)

Lori – Phaedra – Cleric –  Wow you seem to have the knack of setting up the monsters for a big take down Having the main beasties abilities crippled by the continuous interruptions of the command to “Crash” probably saved somebodies life! +2 Xp (4 Encounters 12 total)

Mat – Temerian – Elf Mage – The return of the Cannon! You realise as you go up in level you will eventually encounter critters shielded against that spell so its good to make the most of it now! Great work and I hope the rest of the party realise how crippled you made yourself to achieve it! +2 Xp (3 Encounters 10 Total)

Sam – Joseph Pope II – Rogue – Well looks like your luck is holding as well, first direct hand to hand combat wasn’t it? Nearly lost you if not for Phaedra’s rapid intervention, but you returned that favour in style later! Played your card as well +2 Xp (3 Encounters 10 Total)

Simon – “Rats” Magee – Rogue – Great to see you back in the saddle Simon, again Rats has a certain something about him  – Not as inherently lucky as Say Felix seems to be but your either reading my notes or have a good instinct for things. Nicely done! +2 Xp (4 Encounters 12 total)

Tom – Lucius Singultus – Mage –  Ah! The mad sorcerer got unlucky but then again you played around it (partially with Simons help) As with Tem as you gain more spells you’ll round out. I actually LIKE the idea of a seeing eye monster! Not a Zombie though but had you got a familiar like Tem then the condition could be managed. Though in fairness I expect Phaedra will be able to cure you in time. +1 Xp (3 Encounters 9 Total)

As the demise of both your logged targets was reported to Base camp this session all players gain an immediate “Mission objective complete award. Those that were actually present at the “Kill” gain a touch more that those that did not directly participate in the killing encounter. For Vivlok thats an extra +1 to everyone and an extra +1 to Felix, Phaedra & Temerian who actually killed the lecherous bugger!
You were all involved in Dark Odo’s demise even if it was Temerians Mega Bolt that did the deed to that’s +4 for everyone now its reported. Lucius is not technically part of the “Bounty Hunter” group but I am allowing it this time as he would draw considerable satisfaction in the demise of one that inconvenienced him and his previous party in the back story used to write the character into the game.

As I said before: I keep a reduced average of the party’s XP per session (Aren’t spreadsheets useful!) so that will go on their total count so they wont be desperately behind when they resume (they will still be behind those that could make it naturally otherwise its unfair.)

Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar = 52 – SECOND LEVEL!
  • Felix = 52 – SECOND LEVEL !
  • Phaedra = 55 – SECOND LEVEL !
  • Temerian = 52 – SECOND LEVEL !
  • Jospeh Pope II = 58 – SECOND LEVEL !
  • Lucius Singultus = 41
  • Rats Magee = 45

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed.

Xp- Awards Session 6

Going to get this done while its fresh in my mind this time 😉 Shame we were a couple of regulars down due to stuff but no matter, the remaining guys really pulled out the stops tonight and made up for the lack of numbers well done all of you!

Base XP for the session: Three encounters  Difficult level/Moderate in each case so base 2 Xp/each 6XP

Ben – Mogar- Warrior-  Laydies and gentlemen in the blue corner Mogar of the silver helm In the Red corner another door! And the winnah by a knock out headbutt is: Mogar! No party can make it without at least one solid dependable warrior. Mogar is that, racked up another couple of kills tonight with the Lizard man and goblin Also (tremor) the one liners! +3 Xp

Lori – Phaedra – Cleric – Oh wow a masterclass on how to ensorcel the enemy without ever casting a spell. (Well many spells!) Phaedra can be genuinely frightening – especially in her “Destroyer” aspect like we saw tonight! You had the Hobgoblin Guard dead before the fight ever started! +4 Xp

Sam – Joseph Pope II – Rogue – Oh god the delivery guy cometh! I so see a running gag happening in all future encounter with “intelligent” NPC/monsters. Nice mix of combat skill and good old fashioned bluff. Teaming up with Mogar well with the fast talk was a pleasure to see. Not forgetting the very Rogish roguery as well. +3 Xp

Tom – Lucius Singultus – Mage – A great Debut as a PC, very different type of Mage to Temerian: Cruel? Probably. Cunning? Naturally! Self serving well yes of course! But (and this is the real trick with “evil” characters) Not disruptive to the party. Yes he really did try and “save” Felix from a terrible fate (When I get the session write up done I’ll try and explain) +4 Xp

Temerian, Felix & Rats Magee absent to Work/Sickness etc

As I said before: I keep a reduced average of the party’s XP per session (Aren’t spreadsheets useful!) so that will go on their total count so they wont be desperately behind when they resume (they will still be behind those that could make it naturally otherwise its unfair.) The genuinely high xp awards this week will help that average score that is passed on to absent characters as a courtesy.

Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar = 37
  • Felix = 36
  • Phaedra = 37
  • Temerian = 36
  • Jospeh Pope II = 44
  • Lucius Singultus = 28
  • Rats Magee = 29

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed.

Xp- Awards Session 5

Catch up time! For last session, maybe later I can find the energy for a session write up for Simon and anyone else that’s watching – we’ll see.

Base XP for the session: One extended encounter  Difficult level/Life threatening so base 3 Xp

Ben – Mogar- Warrior- Solid work as usual Ben! Loved the diligent search technique, shame the reward wasn’t as spectacular but so it goes. Effectively solo’d one lizard man that leaped out of the Pool and who can’t love the mental image of the sword first swan dive into the water. Well done cap’n’ Ahab! +2 Xp

Dave – Felix – Halfling – Played to all the characters strengths again! Looted (but didn’t take it all) imprudently snatched at the shiny when wiser heads woulda said “Wait!” And as a bonus went full potato in the water with the Lizard warriors. Also included is a “What the hell with the Self feathering” Award for crazy RP. +3 Xp and +1 Luck

Lori – Phaedra – Cleric – Ah the shadow lady steps (briefly perhaps) from the shadows! Played to your card well, Solid work in the combat as well also effectively solo’ing the other Jumping Lizard man warrior [Paralysing it then a smashing coupe de grace!] Followed by a session of Healing on those that had need (Felix/Mogar) Throw in some cautiously wise advice and we have the complete clerical experience in one encounter! +3 Xp

Mat. – Temerian – Elf Mage – Ah aced the Shield spell again (with Felix’s help) but that probably saved the little guys life as I know he would have been hit two or three times more without it. Still first spell blow back as well so its not going all your way. But superior overall very much playing to type. +2 Xp

Sam – Joseph Pope II – Rogue – Played your card type spot on this time! Thoroughly Rogued throughout, sadly some of the goodies you were searching for are being carried by your target as she tries to relocate behind a secondary line of defence as you have collectively rousted her from her apartments. +2 Xp +1 Luck (EDIT: at max Luck will gain extra 5 XP)


Rats Magee & Lucius Singultus absent to Work/Sickness etc

As I said before: I keep a reduced average of the party’s XP per session (Arn’t spreadsheets useful!) so that will go on their total count so they wont be desperately behind when they resume (they will still be behind those that could make it naturally otherwise its unfair.)

Edit: I also forgot to include a total of any small items/coin that you got from your rapid “once over” of the gaurds/minions rooms. Here it is now in toto:

  • 94 Sp total
  • 180 Cp total
  • a small, rusted oval piece of iron with a toothed edge ? (Make of it what you will)
  • Pouch of some kind of Powder (1 oz – one dose)
  • Jug of cheap wine
  • 4 Torches
  • Plus as I said a change of clothes for 3 Humans (one female) and a dwarf

XP Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:
Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed.

  • Mogar = 28
  • Felix = 30
  • Phaedra = 27
  • Temerian = 30
  • Jospeh Pope II = 35
  • Lucius Singultus = 18
  • Rats Magee = 23

Xp- Awards Session 4

OK Running behind here so am dropping this in as a retrospective record:

Base XP for the session: One extended encounter (one and a half encounters I suppose!) Difficult level/Life threatening so base 3 Xp

Ben – Mogar- Warrior- Good RP I really liked how you blunted the effects of being charmed by playing up your “Accent Card card” this session. Probably saved a party members life as you could have likely killed one in a single blow had you blindly attacked. +2 Xp also +1 Luck for surviving Tem’s rather rough subdual technique by the flip of a coin!

Dave – Felix – Halfling – Always fun to watch you play the little guy, Going to be interesting how Temerian does when his Luck battery is on fumes mind you! Especially loved using the controlled party members as cover! As another halfling said ones : “A defensive Blocker I’m not!” +1 Xp

Mat. – Temerian – Elf Mage – Ahh some seriously good Mage cannon work tonight! The dice godz are with theee! +1 Luck for taking the risk. Clever thought to wall off the Party with a force barrier. Mind you can work both ways as you saw as it gave them a chance to retreat deeper into the complex possibly setting booby traps behind them. Still good thinking on your feet. Also played to your Cards dictum very well +3 Xp

Sam – Joseph Pope II – Rogue – Played to your cards strength again I see, nice try at talking your way out of a 3 vs 2 fight when they discovered you breaking into the bridge +2 Xp

Sadly we saw (with mutual consent) the End of Arvid Klerx this time. Still I can say Toms got a great concept for his replacement (I trust that scares you as it should!)

Phaedra & Rats Magee absent to Work/Sickness etc but I keep a reduced average of the party’s XP per session (Arn’t spreadsheets useful!) so that will go on their total count so they wont be desperately behind when they resume (they will still be behind those that could make it naturally otherwise its unfair.)

XP Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar 23
  • Felix 24
  • Phaedra 21
  • Temerian 25
  • Jospeh Pope II 25
  • Arvid Klerx (Deceased) 22
  • Rats Magee 20

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Thus currently Toms new one for example will start on 15 Xp

Right now I had better to last Wednesdays XP award next LOL! Story time will have to come later I am afraid folks!

Xp System

So as I have been asked about the XP system a couple of times of late let me put the guidelines out here for you all.

I set up a chart showing the XP needed for the various levels here already but how its awarded is something that might be of interest.

First of all DCC doesn’t hand out XP purely for combat or for treasure discovery. Instead it bases Xp awards on the comparative challenge to the Players on a per encounter basis. All that is required is that a player participate in an encounter in a meaningful way for them to get the same reward as anyone else. In practice its kinda hard NOT to get some xp each encounter this way, you’d have to actively be trying to avoid all contact with the Monster or other challenge to get nothing at all.

Encounter Challenges come in five basic types:

Trivial: This is an encounter where there is at most only a small chance of a party member taking damage, or needing to expend some kind of resource (money, spells etc) to achieve it. Generally these encounters award 0 or maybe 1 Xp

Easy: There is a chance that a party member could take notable harm here or have to expend some effort to overcome them. But the chance of a fatality is still low. These encounters generate 1 -2 Xp to all participants

Normal: The party members involved will know they are in a fight here or have to expend some brainpower or effort to overcome. A moderate chance exists that somebody could die if you screw things up or get unlucky. Typically these get you 2 – 3 Xp

Challenging: Chances of death or significant loss of another kind are high here. A fatality is not guaranteed but folks will get hurt badly if you mess up or the other Guys get lucky. 3-4 Xp each.

Heroic: To overcome this; somebody is going to have to dance with death here if you are to escape let alone prevail… 4 – 6 Xp each.

Now a single room in a dungeon is not necessarily an encounter of course. It can be and sometimes an encounter can migrate in status as you go through it. For example a simple encounter could jump two steps if the Rogue fails to Kill that guard and he summons help when you were hoping for stealth…

In the last session I judged that despite the fact you’d be coming one at a time getting the drop on a Villain about to ravage a prisoner was likely an easy challenge unless either his dice were real good or your were real rubbish. So Tem, Felix & Phaedra all got 1 Xp from that alone. had the passage leading there had a trap or alarm to overcome that might have bumped it up a grade at least.

Likewise although there was no combat, Jospeh, Mogdar & Arvid had to make multiple skill checks to discover the concealed passage into the complex. As it happened all that happened was Arvid slipped and got a bit wet. But in theory they could have dropped into the water and drowned if the dice had gone against them so a 1xp Award for a trivial- easy “encounter” was justified. Had a random Lizard man patrol poped up while they were on the rope line then that woulda jumped it to a Normal or even Challenging encounter right away, as they would have been fighting at a disadvantage.

Naturally good role playing and playing one character traits Class and Alignment will always garner a point or two along the way as you would expect.

Gaining Luck is explicitly linked to playing your alignment. So neutrals need to alternate between something that could be considered planned and acts of spontaneity. Lawfuls should plan and think ahead, Chaotic.. Well you get it. Occasional spur of the moment acts (good or evil) will keep you on track there 🙂 Generally at the end of any story arc (Mini scenario) there will be a point or two of luck to all survivors in any case.


Session 3 Awards

First of all thank you for a very enjoyable game!

Sorry if I hurried you through the translocation from the starter adventure area to the Campaign proper. Hopefully I can post some info on your surroundings here that those of you with leisure time can read up upon in lieu of Role playing it out in session.

Well the inevitable extra time needed to finalise some characters cut into adventure time though not as much as I feared but apart from the fact you split right down the middle I thought it went OK. You are all getting into your characters and everyone had at least one decent idea/in character quirky bit in the town so I am going to class the town work as a simple encounter for 1 XP each

Once you got to the start of the dungeon proper there was again some solid (if rather [Justified] Paranoid) ideas. Tom may I just say that in all the years I have run variants on this adventure (the core adventure is 39 years old as of next month BTW) You are the first to look for the “Water entrance” that the rumour said the Lizard folks used. A few teams have also found the secret door but most have traipsed happily into the Open “front door” believe it or not LOL! Right so this will be new for all of us in some ways!

So there were three basic encounters done I think. One covering the town planning and info gathering. Then one done by the group that went in via the secret passage and a third by the Cavers that found the side water way.

So Basic award is 2 xp each to each character for the session, plus some individual awards based on bright and sensible ideas Role Play and so forth.

  • Ben. I am so glad we have Mogar as a front line fighter! I suspect though he comes from unlikely begging he may surprise us with his strength in the end! Good job on info gathering in town and not simply dropping your armour to go into the crawl space, I expect you woulda won had it been you instead of Tem in their first but probably taken more damage than needed. +2 Xp
  • Dave. Well you nailed it with Felix, I didn’t get which special card you had got until I saw it but the good news is: When I saw it I went “doh! How did I miss that!” Perfectly done. Gonna have to work on that perception ability though eh. I mean a dead end in a dungeon behind a secret door 😀  +4 Xp
  • Lori. Couldn’t say at the time how much I was laughing on the inside as Phaedra did her “Undead test!” on the party as we started ROFLMAO! Probably just as well you didn’t splash the familure with Holy Water in the end. But its definitely NOT undead! +2 Xp
  • Mat. Let me be clear… Temerin is NOT stealing a horse right before you go on a boat nope, nada, nix to that! That said LOL! Good call on the spell casting as well, sorry I forgot to bring your spell book with me (I have it now in my gaming bag!) Playing a spell-caster in an unfamiliar system is always an added challenge so Bravo. +3 Xp
  • Sam. Thinking back I do see how you were attempting to play your card 🙂 It was almost a shame that after Joseph’s detailed work examining the secret door the Elf walks up and spots it almost right away! Still good in character play, Arvid and Mogar would have gotten a lot wetter sooner without the smart work of running out a guide line as you did. Also good thinking on prearing for the “Boss battle” as you did, +3 Xp
  • Tom. Ahh man of many godz! I see I see how you were setting up for your cards instructions but in part the luck of the dice denied you. I Failed to roll a random twice while you were all assembling on the Docks, But I sense you have some ideas still as you explore the side entrance you have found. Loved the creative use of the special spell. But as I recall you did get one Goof as you first tried it, so your disapproval is a 1 Or a 2 for the balance of the game day. Remember that 😉 +2 Xp

OK as before I’ll make a back up XP post to make sure folks know what they scored. Those that left their character sheets with me I’ll add them on automatically never fear.

The rest of your “Warband” along with your back up characters I am going to say is going to take over one of the semi ruined Watchtowers on the wharf, in case you are wondering. Makes most sense to take over something vaguely fortified as its right there, don’t you agree? In subsequent adventures they may not be so near to hand, But the “Camp” will never be more than three or four hours away at any time (Say 10 miles maximum) It will all depend on the individual circumstance of the Adventure in question.


Standard Equipment Gift

Well as you may have guessed that now you are fully fledged adventurers you get some bonuses.

Essentially the back story of this game is that after your “adventure” in the woods you collectively impressed the New Mercenary Commander Zathabarius.

He has offered you all slots in his Mercenary band and in return for a couple of years service is footing the bill for all your basic training to the class of your choice, but as no soldier goes out without basic equipment: The following is all issued to you:

Standard Equipment assigned by the Company of the Justice Moon (Bounty Hunters)

Leather armour. Mages may opt for Padded instead. If you have better from any source you can use that no issue. This is for those that were not so fortunate.

Plus choose from :Short-sword, Mace, Hand Axe or Spear

Those with a strength of 13+ May also select Broadsword or Long sword.

Those with Agil 13+ may opt for a Short-bow + 20 Arrows OR a Medium Crossbow + 25 Bolts

If you don’t choose a bow of some sort you can also add a small shield or Buckler

Anyone with a Luck of 15 will be given a flask of Healing elixir 4 Doses curing 1d3 hp/ dose.

Anyone with an Int of 15 will get a small case of cartography materials, including a spy glass and are tasked with recording and mapping as needed.

Your troop will be organised into a Warband of 20 in total. There will be an NPC quartermaster for this (Axel Grimwarden). My “Plan” if you will is that your Active players will form a sort of “Away team” that will sally forth on Missions, while the balance of your squad will hold a base camp nearby. Naturally if somebody cant make it to a session as soon as it is practical that Character will be assumed to be “recalled ” to camp.  Likewise in the event of a death you can activate a secondary Character who was back in camp etc.

This also means that you are free to customise the Party from the available characters as you desire based on preference and the particular mission (as you understand it). Secondary characters will accrue exp at a rate short of the active characters but not so much that they will get more than one level removed from that of the Active group. So if you die at worst you will be playing a character One level below your deceased main’s level.

Anyhoo wanted to put this up now in case anyone else is an insomniac like me. Will explain more and better during the next session 🙂

Session 2 Awards

Yaaay! We made it! Before either you all died or got bored or… Anyhoo on with the show:

Ok heres how this works will all of you please select from your survivor(s) a Primary character and a secondary Character to advance to 1st level.

On reflection I think we’ll stick with one toon at a time for now, so please assign MAXIMUM hit points for your chosen class to your Characters for first level (adjust by Stamina Bonus as normal)

Attempt to improve ONE stat as described here. Choose wisely will you improve a primary or just try and offset a penalty Hmmm 🙂

If you elect to play any Kind of Spell caster: Please message me! We can work out your beginning spell book out of session easily enough over the next week. Cleric types give me an outline of your God/Philosophy etc. In addition to the Base spells I am more than willing to work with you to create a custom spell or two that reflects your deity’s particular focus 🙂 This should keep each Cleric unique and special rather than generic.

As you all bravely elected to go through the 0 Level “Funnel” adventure then after you are trained in your opening class, You have a Month Out of game time if you have any special spell/effect or other pre adventure preparation you wish to attempt. Somebody got some raw Mithril you could have that forged into a weapon or a bit of armour etc, for example.

XP & Luck Awards:

Officially you need 10 Xp to go from 0 Level to 1st Level. But I am playing the (official) option to allow any survivor of their opening mini adventure to make it to 1st level. However, Your XP total remains as it was so in addition to the 4-5 XP most of you earned last time this sessions awards are as follows.

To each survivor, Base 4 xp: and ONE Permanent Luck Point.

Individual awards:

  • Ben (Not Dave) +1 Xp to each character. Dice were a little kinder to you I see 🙂
  • Dave (Not Ben) +1 Xp to Each survivor! The combination of good play and Aggressive rolling of “1s” was entertaining. +1 Luck to one Character (whomever made the most Fumbles/1s I suggest!)
  • Lori +1 XP & +1 Luck to Phaedra for going all creepy Witchy and managing to pull off the best use of a simple Cantrip in an age LOL!
  • Mat +1 Xp & +1 Luck to your daring Dwarf for cheating death and making an “Nut Shot” on the Orc leader…. Also +1 Xp to your Taciturn Elf for coming as close to “Leading” as I have ever seen with actually giving orders.
  • Sam Solid performance again, Almost feel sorry for the Death of Sweeny Todd but such is adventuring. +1 Xp to each survivor
  • Simon & Tom: I wrote your guys out of the main stream early then played out a Mini encounter for them all later off screen as it it were. I’ll fill you in the details individually shortly. But as with everyone all survivors get the 4Xp & 1 Luck as mentioned above.

So by my count most of you should now have between 8 & 12 Xp or thereabouts 😀


Session 1 Awards

Ok we’re underway! Going to PM this to you individually just to be sure, but want a record on this sites Journal hence this post as back up 🙂 Feel free to comment on it below if you wish.

Righto, here’s the XP system in action. DCC works on an XP by “encounter” basis. Technically you should earn 10 xp to get to 1st level status. But I figure anyone that survives this will be brevetted to 1st level regardless. Still it should be possible to earn a touch more than that with good play so I am going to introduce you to the system now if I may 🙂

Righto, by my notes you had 4 separate “encounters” of a fairly straightforward sort. Normally that is a basic 1 xp per encounter to all participating characters. Notice participation is not “fought in combat” not everyone is a combat monster so thinkers and stealth types are not penalised provided they did something that advanced progress (or might have had their recommended course of action been followed).

I know its not easy at all to play 3-4 characters in an unfamiliar system however so don’t stress that you may not have “Participated”.

So Basic award is 4 xp each to all surviving Characters. Then there’s a few XP and or Luck points  for clever ideas or memorable moments.

  • Ben. Sadly it was not your night through no fault of your own. So in recognition (& Compensation!) I award your survivor +2 Permanent Luck (18 always Max – Just for the record)
  • Dave. The dice seemed to be fighting you the other night so I award you an extra ordinary +1 to Luck for caring on regardless! (May choose which toon gets it)
  • Lori. Despite being offered as sacrifice to the slime God the Boggis the fragrant lives! The Godz smile +1 Xp and +1 Luck to him.
  • Mat. Love your Bellicose Hobbit! +1 Xp for being so memorable! Not sure on his long term survivabilty mind you but, seriously Looooool!
  • Sam. Solid performance in unfamiliar system with a weird mob. +1 Xp to the Character of your choice.
  • Simon. Very well played on the trap laying. Let me explain why: The Ooze encounter was a bit of a red herring. I had in my notes that if you stopped for any significant time with that then your delay would have added to the total possible encounters you could have before you get to safety. However: As soon as some Orcish pursuer even noticed one of your traps any pursuit would have slowed. Orcs may be barbaric but they aint stupid! So I am waving the encounter penalty I had planned on and instead awarding you +1 xp for playing to your characters strength.
  • Tom. Hmmm what can we say…. I have not got a handle on what sort of character your hunter will develop into but easily. +1 Xp to him for the role play.

Just as a general note, always attempt to describe HOW a character is effecting something. See my examples here. Its only natural to reach for a “Skill roll” but what we are after here is described skill use, the better the description of what your doing the LOWER the DC check, so it should pay to put thought into an idea 🙂