Epilogue: “The Litchway” [Aftermath]

It still took a couple of hours for the main squad of Justice moon troops to strip out the remaining movables of Dark Odo’s erstwhile lair. Any complaints were short lived when Grimwarden reminded the crew that anything not a personal trophy would be sold and distributed to the whole team. As soon as they realised they’d get paid to be thorough the ordinary troopers attacked the task with a will.

Onboard the boat Felix looked worriedly at Temerian. The mage had exhausted himself fighting the supernatural creatures of the rogue apprentice mage. It saddened the little hobbit to see a friend in such a state.

Others were less charitable. Grimwarden looked the resting elf over and clicked his teeth. “Look master mage” he began, I dont pretend to know much about that abominable power your sort wield but I do know you need to husband your strength better! I;ll do what I can for you but you’ll need a coupe of weeks rest at least before you recover from the looks of you! Be prudent will ye? Master Zathabarius invested good money into your education!”

Temerians eyes narrowed at the ignorant Dwarfs attempt at schooling him on things the dolt could not hope to understand. Still as the Dwarfs prayer restored a trickle of strength to him he held his tongue – for now..

In another cabin Phaedra had called in on the Dark Sorcerer Lucious. The disturbing man was sitting sightlessly on a bed rocking to and fro as he clutched a spell book taken in prize from the temple.

“Your help was invaluable master Lucious” she began. “Now there is more time I shall see what can be done to restore your sight, so you can use that book perhaps?”

“Many thanks strange lady, I owed that sorceress the defeat, restore my eyes and I shall happily repay your, your kindness..” the man hissed.

Over the next few days the group recovered as best they might. Temerian with enough bed rest and the occasional healing from Grimwarden regained enough strength to no longer need assistance and began to study his prize spell book.

Phaedra eventually managed to cure Lucious’s sight but not quite in the way either of them intended. One eye cleared as normal but the other. remained black as a pool of water reflecting the starlit sky… What this may mean neither of them knew. But despite its strange appearance Lucious reported it saw as well as it ever did. And the marks of power were a badge of honour among his calling.

Mogar and Rats had new prize weapons to practice with. And Mogar found time to take the damaged suit of mail he had discovered to a smith to have it repaired and altered to fit him better.

Felix’s good humour swiftly recovered as he saw his friends healing. Pretty soon he was more or less his old silly self again though he seemed a distracted. Playing with his share of the coin from the raid over and over with child like abandon.

Joseph however had the greatest shock. After a few days rest Grimwarden came up to him and handed him the scroll of the warrant. “I jus’ heard form master Zathabarius, he wants you to co ordinate our next mission. Don’t get too excited its only a brevet filed promotion and temporary at that. But you can look after this fer now!”

Right this will do for now until the next official session. Between now and then I’ll be writing some specifics to your private character pages on this site and PM’ing you other info or links to where I have it here.

Now some I know would like to swap out characters which is fine at the end of one arc and the beginning of another is the ideal place to do it.

You have 7 days down time before the official start of the next adventure arc. You can use that as you will along these guidlines:

  • If you gained an item of potential significance then one day can be said to be consumed in practising with it researching its abilities, having it tailored to fit etc etc.  This time I am granting each of you that gained a special item one free day of this. But if you gained more than one significant item then you choose which is your freebie and must pay a day of downtime to check out the second (+) items.
  • If you gained a spell book. It takes 1 day of study to get an idea what the books contents and any defences on the the book against unauthorised readers! The one day per spell level to transcribe and or learn a spell from it that you previously did not know. Learning new magics here takes TIME! So choose wisely.
  • If you wish you can spend a day on complete debauchery (Or training/study if you want to sound sensible) and may spend cash to gain extra XP at the rate of 1 Gp cumulative Example 1 Gp spent = 1 XP. 2 Xp costs (1 GP + 2 GP) or 3 Gp.  3 Xp = (1 Gp+ 2 Gp +4 Gp) = 7 GP.  4 Xp in a single day is (1+2+4+8 GP) 15 GP! This is Maximum for one day.
    So in theory if you do nothing but train and you can afford it you can add up to 28 XP to your total (If you have as I said 105 GP to spend from your personal stash! – Which you don’t I made sure of that!)
  • A day spent researching the next mission will grant the person so doing some tidbits of info on the next story arc, and is a damn fine idea 🙂 Spend more days for more info of course to  maximum of 3 days total for the party as there is only so much I am gonna give away naturally!

Between natural rest and the attention of the party’s Clerics all normal HP damage will be restored before we start the next Arc. Its only attribute damage we may need to pay special attention to. Luck for Hobbits & Rogues should be back at its normal levels as well.

Lastly I want you to deduct “living expenses” money for the week 42 CP. (6/day) if you choose to live very frugally. 7 Sp for normal expenses. And if you prefer to be a “High Roller” its 3 Gp for the week. Each of those choices has a consequence. 🙂 Nope not telling ya till you tell me how you spend your down time. But the is obviously more chance of a GOOD consequence if you pay for it.

Special note for the Spellcasters:

Temerian: as you had one attribute below the usual minimum of 3 I strongly suspect you’d have been confined to Bed for a day while that healed back to 3. After that you should choose how many days you spend at normal activity such as detailed above (Healing 1 Attribute point) and how many completely resting (restoring 2 points) but no added activity allowed.

Lucius. I did some dice rolling and assuming Phaedra took her time to Pray Fast and do the Cleric equivalent of a Ritual before she attempted to heal you it takes her one full day to cure your sight. During that time you can not study your spell books etc and can only rest. But after that you use the above rules, so I’m guessing that would be 2 Pts of spell-burn recovered normally

Phaedra: You may at your option Pray and Sacrifice treasure to store up some good will with your Deity. 5 Gp of goods sacrificed in this way gives you a 1 point Favour that you can spend to avoid getting a spell disapproval point 10Gp grants 2 points of favour 20 Gp sacrifice grants 3 Points which is your maximum.

After reviewing this post I am going to make up a check form where you can quickly list your options for convenience 🙂 Please also check you respective personal pages – especially the private GM to player notes sections!


Epilogue: “The Litchway” [Part Two]

“Wounded coming through!” Joseph Pope hollered to the guards outside the main doors.

Grimwardens men scrambled to ope the heavy stone door a little wider as he helped the blinded Lucious through them and into the sunlit docks area. Behind them Felix led Termerian stumbling and shaking from the magic drain on his system into the arms of another of the mercenary band.

When the two mages had been led to the ruined tower the rest of the band had set up as a base. Grimwarden pulled Joseph aside. “Ok recruit, what happened in there? Did you get the last target? Where are the others, and who the hell is the blind guy!”

Joseph shook his head, it was not like he wasn’t tired or nothing: But the dwarf wasn’t going to stop till he had an answer so he straightened himself as best he could and put on his most winning smile:

“Yes. No idea they were right behind us. He was trapped in there and helped us out. Last thing Dark Odo conjured hurt his eyes I think. I could use a beer right now, as well boss.”

Grimwarden blinked. Maybe unused to what he considered a wet behind the ears newbie talking back to him so bluntly. The the dwarfs craggy face cracked a smile. With a thump on the back that nearly made Joseph sprawl on the floor he grinned at the man. “oh course ye do! right come sit with me and fill me in. You got the main mark that’s the main thing indeed!” Drawing Joseph to his spot by the fire he grabbed a couple of guards. “You two take a peek back inside see if you can round up the stragglers. Got it!?”

A few minutes later the strangely ebullient dwarf handed Joseph a leather travel tankard of cheap ale. “Right tell me every thing, you got proof of her death I take it?”

Joseph nodded as he drank the brew down.

“Good fetch it out and I’ll show ye a little trick we were given” Unrolling an ornate looking vellum scroll he read the names “Dark Odo” and “Vivlock the foul” aloud over the grisly trophies. As he spoke their names an ethereal voice echoed from the scroll. “Deceased! Justice served”

“Master Zathabar gave me that to verify things and so we can collect our bounty from whatever local authority that recognises the kings warrant is in where we are.” he explained. “Now fill me in, between sips o course!”

Dutifully Joseph retold the scout teams adventures including the final take down of the rogue apprentice mage and her creatures. Nodding Grimawrden seemed pleased.

“Not bad both targets down fer only one loss of our own, though a couple of the lads out here got a scratch or two as well. Shame about Arvid, but so it goes in this game. You think that dark sorcerer would sign on for a bit to replace ‘im?”

Joseph thought it over. He wasn’t sure that would be a good thing judging by the mans unpredictable nature but instead he just nodded. “I don’t know how much use he’d be right now I think the thing at the end got his sight.”

Grimwarden just smiled. “Ah well thats not too much of an issue. I expect I c’n heal that with a bit o prayer though I’ve a mind to let Phaedra have a crack at it first as she’s late coming back. I’m thinking we may need more magical back up as I see the elf’s gone and done for himself!” he said with a laugh.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh I seen that look before in spell casters, tap your own life energies too hard and too fast for their unholy arts and it leaves you weak as a kitten for days. I was planning on a week or so’s R’n’R when we get back to NewSandport but I suspect even with that Tem may be needing to take a back seat a while longer by the look of him? We’ll see.”

As I mentioned as an aside the other night, I was fully intending to grant you all a weeks down time to justify training/healing/examining treasure etc. Temerian does have severe spell burn and probably wont be 100% after a week. So as Dave & Matt suggested they might want to take alternate characters out for a spin this seems like a good way of putting Tem/Felix or anyone onto the reserve list for a session or two as you wish. Just bear in mind that secondary characters will be a shade behind principles in XP and that the adventure is based on the fact that the majority of you will be 2nd level. It may be you will be able to just level before you hit the main thread of the next arc but you cant count on that so I suggest no more than half of you change out characters.

Epilogue: “The Litchway” [Part One]

Seeing Joseph & Felix lead the injured sorcerers back towards the docks, “Rats” Magee shook his head. He’d barely managed to get in here and folk were heading out the door! Looking over to where Phaedra was bandaging a scratch on Mogars forehead; he asked.

“Well what about your two? There gotta be more loot to find in a bloody burial crypt!”

Phaedra adjusted her hood and replied. “I am sure their is. But we are not here to rob the honoured dead, Mister Magee!” She declared – a note of warning in her voice.

“Fkkn peasants aint got shit anyhow..” He muttered.

“What was that!” the cleric barked.

“Erm! I was just thinking aloud that she..” he pointed to the bloodstain that marked Dark Odo’s final resting place “… or her creatures mighta left something still. This place’s been looted and fought over a few years, the looters may have left some stuff that wasn’t grave plunder that’s all. I reckon it deserves a quick look just to check it out?”

“Spider..” Mogar mumbled as his bandage slipped again over one eye.

“What mate?” Asked ‘Rats’

“They didn’t bury no spider, so there’s gotta be some things out of place. Besides I thought I saw something back there?”

‘Rats’ looked at the big guy sceptically. He’d already cased the sticky and now scorched ruin of the spiders nest. Still if it got the pair of ’em going he might get his chance to loot still. He nodded. “Alright lets check it out again, but after I wanna at least see where the main passage leads. Ok!?”

“I am curious to know what causes this low whistling howl” Phaedra admitted. The other two blinked and concentrated a moment. Yeah the faint whistling noise was ever present like hearing the trees hiss with the wind outside your bedroom window.

“Exactly!” Declared ‘Rats’ with a grin “Probably out to put that in our final report anyhow, right?”

Phaedra nodded a little hesitantly in agreement as Mogar stumped back off to the side passage where they had burned the spiders webs.

After a few moments wading through the sticky half burned webbing Mogar grunted with satisfaction “Found something!” The warrior half dragged a skeletal corpse out of the ruined webs.

Phaedra coughed as the ashes kicked up and swirled around them. “Drag the dead one free Mogar” she instructed. Turning to ‘Rats’ she nodded. “You were right that gear is not of the local make I can see that from here. A looter most like .

‘Rats’ agreed with the woman. Inwardly he was cursing he’d missed the corpse before they torched the webbing! Still any coin the deader had would still be good; just a little grubby.

A few minutes work had the body and its remaining gear back out into the wider hallway. Whomever they had been they had invested in some decent gear at least. The three set the small pile of coin and still good supplies to one side to go into the general pool. But each made sure to pick out a trophy item. Mogar took the sword as it looked pretty despite the layer of ash and grime. Rats was admiring the workmanship of the crossbow the unknown man had carried. The string was charred and ruined but that would be an easy fix once they got back to town. But apart from that its was a quality bit of gear.

Phaedra knelt by the mans body whispering a prayer for the departed. What ever it was she held in her hand ‘Rats’ was pretty sure wasn’t her Holy symbol. The rogue smiled as apparently the cleric wasn’t above a tasteful bit of looting either, in the right cause of course!

After setting the mans remains in an empty crypt the trio turned their attention to the main hallway once more…

Seriously dudes! Have you any idea how annoying that was? You basically ran for the door before I could introduce more loot for you??? Hrmm gonna have to be a bit less “subtle” in future sessions I can see that now – especially if I want to salt the loot with  plot hook items.
Probably do another (or even more) of these epilogue type posts as I get my notes in order in preparation for another story arc.

Voices from the Crypt

Righto… Just in case somebodies watching this thread LOL!
Be it known I am about 65% of the way through converting & writing the next adventure in this campaign to DCC

Its arranged in several “Acts” two or three of which should be one session all being well only the main event should definitely take multiple sessions to complete.

Just because you may see some activity here should you think I am “champing at the bit” to get back in the Hotseat. Au contrair really enjoying Matts game as always, just in my odd moments making sure that when he’s good and ready I can offer you all something directly 🙂

I do plan on doing an Epilogue write up of some of the things that happened via PM after the last session here. But that will wait till I have the Next adventure in the can as the saying goes 🙂


Character sheet update

As some of you have already seen I have redone the character section you all now have a personal page for your mains plus back up characters as well as a few private pages as well.

My next task as I see it is to write up (partially for my own amusement) an “Epilogue post” detailing how the adventure was wound up, and perhaps set up for the next. After that chances are activity here will be minimal though on and off I’ll be writing up the next segment naturally.

Also on the back burner will be a “One shot” detailing the journey (overland this time) to the next site. Dunno if we’ll play that out or not, I am keeping the material in reserve in case we need a one off for an evening some time.

Session 7 “The Litchway” [Stylised write up. Part 2]

Right part two. Hopefully this will finish the retelling of the session. I may feel like doing an “epilogue” post just for my own amusement as well.

Summoning up his flagging strength the Elven Mage began edgeing forward chanting the ritual words once more.

Meanwhile Joseph seeing the thing starting to rise and Phaedra flat out on the floor nearby him grabbed the frail looking woman and began shaking her awake. “C’mon girl we need you!” he shouted, with a start the clerics eyes popped open.

Felix watched Mogar pick Dark Odo over his shoulder with interest. Oh he was being nice and wrestling her to the ground instead of slashing her with that big sword of his, he thought. But no just as the diabolic flying lady got up again Mogar disappeared around the corner. Confused the halfling same mr Temerian coming up with a look of great concentration on his narrow feature. Oh well that was always interesting to watch! Felix liked the pretty colours the Magicians spells made so quietly he followed the mage around the corner.

“Fire again! Sorcerer!” Rats Magee cried steadying the mans arm.

Violet red fire bloomed catching the creatures attention but with little effect other than to make it swoop in on them!

“Awe crap!” Cried Rats, “Somebody remind me to get some silver bolts if we get outta this!” he said to nobody in particular.

Temerian had reached the corner. His frail body protesting at the effort and his aching head protesting at the effort of holding one more spell in check till he was ready. Around him was the corpses of the enchantresses remaining mortal henchmen, but ahead was Mogar carrying thier quarry away once more, no more…! Spotting Felix by his side he caught the Halflings eye and nodded to the retreating Mogar. With a wracking cough he spat out blood along with the trigger incantation. A searing blast of violet light speared out and literally blew Dark Odo’s body off Mogars back. The Witch had to be dead. Her creation might withstand such a blast but no mortal surely! Termerian thought as he sank to the floor exhausted, every nerve screaming with the magical feed back.

Thrown aganst the wall as his sister was knocked from his back by the blast Mogar stared uncomprehendingly as her headless form slammed against the opposite wall. Gripping his sword he vowed somebody would pay! Looking back the way he had come he saw a Boney Wizard and a small Goblin with twin Axes laughing back at him. Gettign back to his feet he got ready to charge.

The winged creature swooped down on where rats and Lucious stood. Shoving the blind mage one way Rats dived the other as the creature raked where they had stood with its talons. He had nothing to hurt the thing he was sure, and the Sorcerers fire left barely a mark. The thing was hurt, maybe badly but very much alive and foaming at the mouth with vengeance for the previous indignities heaped upon it.

Shaking off the magical slumber Phaedra saw the creature had at last thrown off her enchantment. She tried again but either she was still under the lingering effects of the sleep or it resisted her. Wracking her brain for another option she saw it swoop down on the blinded Lucius…

… only for its claws to pass right through him as its form turned transparent as it lost its contact with the material plane. Writing and cursing in its diabolic tongue the thing faded from view till not even a wisp of it remained.

“Is everyone alright?” She asked looking around.

“How is Mogar?” Temerian croaked from the floor to the halfling by his side.

“He looks confused Mr Tem.” came the happy reply

“Oh good…”

Mogar did indeed feel strange, the goblin and wizard had gone probably vanquished by his friends Tem & Felix that had evidently gotten to them before he did. Good job. Not being one to dwell on such things he took a moment to look around him. The near headless remains of Dark Odo’s body lay close by, but so did a couple of dozen small Orc like creatures. Judging by their wounds the winged beastie had ripped them apart shortly before he arrived. Sad but such was existence. “Hey! You all come here there is some kind of ransacked camp here!” he called to the others.

By ones and twos the exhausted adventurers made their way to the corner of the passages where as Mogar said some battle had been fought between the Winged creature and some lesser Orcs of some sort. Looking at the grisly wounds many of them displayed (in many cases their eyes had been ripped from their heads) A search of the assorted bodies did turn up a bit of loot, a good few coins and most importanly for Lucius & Temerian a pair of spell books!

Phaedra also found a book on the body of the largest looking Orc, it was written in Goblinkind and she almost broke into laughter as she read the title. Managing to stifle her reaction back to a single chuckle she pocketed it. Perhaps she’s show it to select others in the group in due course but for now at leas tone person had to be kept in the dark of its nature!

“Huh not much loot on her for a ‘powerful mage’!” Joseph spat disgustedly as the last of the meagre coin was counted.

“Yeah true that,” commented Rats. “Question is why’d she flee this way not to get aid of the Orcs as she slaughtered them all. Maybe her horde is nearby but she didn’t get a chance to retrieve it?”

“Possibly, but I can think of another reason” Temerian coughed from where he lay propped against the wall. “She needed some place to summon that, that Demonic woman. Where better than in the middle of a crypt for dark magic?”

“Logical, my elven friend” agreed Lucius from where he sat still hugging one of the spell books, sightlessly pawing at it like a cat.

Phaedra sighed, she would need to fast and pray to heal the dark ones affliction soon enough. She had hoped that with the creatures banishment the blinding spell would also fade, but alas it wa snot going to be that easy. Rising to her feet she spoke.

“We have set out what we came to do it is true but there is much more to explore here. Something is worng here, has no one else wondered why the Lizard folks did not simple take over this perfectly serviceable complex when they took it from the Sandlanders? No there is a mystery here yet that I would see the end of.

“Dunno about mysteries but we did the job but I like Magee’s point about loot!” Joseph said, turning to Temerian, “You got a good point too, dunno much about magic but that makes sense but also means that she didn’t think she’d be disturbed here so a quiet place is a good place to hide your stash. I’m gonna take a look around here while you guys gather your strength. Whose coming with me?

Leaving the Exhausted mages in the care of Felix the four remaining party members spread out along the encircling corridor looking for anything out of the ordinary among the ever present burial niches. Logically Dark Odo might have hidden something in one of the empty ones, but chances were she wouldn’t have sealed it up as well as the originals.

While he and Rats searched near the northen end of the passage Mogar jumped as he heard Phaedra’s cry of pain. Grabbing his sword he charged past the skeleton statue with Rats coming up behind him cocking his crossbow as he ran.

At the clerics cry Joseph spun away from the niche he was searching. Standing behind and leaning over the small woman was a gigantic spider! One of its fangs dug deep into her shoulder! With no time to draw his bow he summoned up his courage and slashed at the thing with his sword scoring a narrow cut on the things body. By no means a fatal wound it was enough to make the great hairy beast take a scuttling step away from the wounded woman..

Phaedra grabbed for her holy symbol with one hand and her wound with the other. She could feel the spiders venom already working its way into her. Sobbing an invocation to the three-who-are-one she sagged as the healing energies coursed through her purging the venom.

The spider bit back at Joseph, clipping him, just before Rat’s bolt goosed if from behind. The thing scuttled around just in time for Mogars sword to smash through one of its eyes dashing it to the ground!

When these new wounds were treated Rats ans Joseph managed to trace the spiders faint trail back to the opposite hall way to where they had been searching. Sure enough after twenty or so feet the walls of the passage became increasingly choked with webs as they lead to the corner of the passage. Gingerly they burned away what they could, there was no sign of more spiders but evidently it had been around for some time as the flames revealed bones and traces of equipment. Leaving the smouldering flames to clear the lair out the party took council.

“It is clear there are other dangers still” Temerian began, “I and Master Lucius are wounded and our powers at ebb..”

“Speak for yourself elfling my powers are great still!” Lucius objected.

“But you are wounded.” Tem replied evenly. “We at least should return to camp.”

“I am tired of this place as well!” Felix piped up.

“Hmm we have done what we were asked to do that’s all that counts. Not much point in risking more if we’re not being paid for it” Joseph shrugged. “I’ll go back with Felix and the wizards, I’ll make the formal report while they rest.”

“There is mystery here still” Phaedra said quietly, “I would see what it is.” she replied simply, Mogar simply nodded in agreement with the Witch woman.

“Yeah I been stuck out side shooting Lizardmen while you guys explored” grumbled Rats Magee, “I’d like at least a bit more look around”

And that’s where I’ll leave this narrative chunk. With the party dividing with the wounded and exhausted making it back to base camp & the remaining three to take a little look about still. I know the session did carry on just a little further but this is the better break point narratively speaking I think. Definitely need an “Epilogue post” though.

Session 7 “The Litchway” [Stylised write up. Part 1]

OK Long overdue I know (I been busy!) but lets complete this for posterity before we mothball things till my turn comes about again. In this session it was good to have the whole crew available all 7 PC’s. Just as well really…. Anyhow going to have to split this into segments as I see I have got to 3.5K words and not finished… Stay tuned.

After some minutes Lucius unbarred the door and peered in. Unsurprisingly the strange fungal zombies he had created lay in pieces upon the debris strewn floor. Also unsurprisingly the bandits lay alongside them save for their leader who was still clinging to life:

“You.. you did this!” he wheezed raising an accusing finger to the dark skinned man scowling down on this.

“I did” Lucius replied simply. “…also this..” A blast of flame incinerated the dieing bandit from the Sorcerers outstretched finger. Moving into the room Lucius bent over the form of “Amdor” and rifled his pockets.

Joseph looked at the cold efficiency of the man with a mixture of respect and loathing. Still the dead bandits meant nothing to him so tough to be them.

Meanwhile Phaedra had been examining the leavers set into the wall. After a brief trial and error the rumbling of the main portcullis was heard from the Hall adjacent to them.

“Helllooo the Temple!” came a voice from outside as the stone gate and portcullis fully retracted. It was one of their own from Grimwardens squad. Mogar grunted a greeting as ‘Rats’ Magee cautiously peeked inside, his crossbow extended before him. “What the hell’s been going on?” He began “The dwarf’s been getting antsy for some information” he finished hooking his finger back to the tower where Grimarden had made the war-bands base camp.

“Many things have happened to many people” Phaedra declared ambiguously “But all you need to know is we are on the trail of our quarry, one is dead, as is one of our own but we have found… assistance as well. Lucius Singultus have you finished your work in their!?”

“Pah yes I have and a waste of good resources it was as well” The Sorcerer spat as he joined the group in the antechamber, apparently empty-handed.

Quickly the newcomers were introduced to each other and Mogar set off to see if Temerian and Felix had recovered from their beating at the hands of the Goblins enough to continue. If they were unwell still perhaps they should report back to camp and ‘Rats’ accompany the group further in their pursuit. Fortunately apart from the added bruises and lingering headache they could continue.

“So you flushed this Odo from her strong point huh?” ‘Rats’ commented after they brought him up to date. “Fair enough, sounds like shes a tricky bitch no pitched battles, traps and subterfuge every time yeah I know the sort. We’d best not hang about then, she’s probably preparing a warm welcome for us someplace right now and the less time she has for it…”

“Yeah I thought of that too” Joseph agreed. “Thing is this is her turf we rush in we fall for the ambush.”

“We must proceed with precision and alacrity” Temerian commented in his accented common Mogar and Felix looked at each other puzzelley.

“He means we go fast and careful” Lucius snorted taking delight in the simple ones confusion it seemed. “That hall lead to the main gallery of the Temple when we came through it some time ago. I can assure you there is little elsewhere she can go. But if we do not hurry she can double back around to where we met. From there she could get behind us and escape!” The sorcerer waved his still fire blackened fingers in the air for emphasis!

“Would bet on that Dark one!” ‘Rats’ grunted “Ol’ Grims got the place covered with archers and the rest of our squad. Had you not been with this lot and poked your snout outside you’d like as not been shot as well. She aint getting outta here any time soon unless you missed a secret passage whenever you searched the place last.”

“I miss nothing!” Lucius protested theatrically.

“Enough debate, I wish to see this statue you noted in the next chamber” Phaedra whispered. Somehow her quiet tone caught everyone’s attention.

The adjacent room was dark and gloomy with only the light from the entry chamber half illuminating it. Cautiously Joseph and Phaedra lit the torches on the walls. The a wrought iron bridge crossed a shallow stream on one side of the room while facing that was a commanding statue fashioned from a waxy looking stone. Its arms held wide in some kind of benediction the figure would have been comforting were it not for the very obvious fangs showing at the corners of its mouth! Grinning the Vampire looked down on them from a pedestal.

Phaedra’s knelt down to read the inscription on the statue’s plinth:

“Bathe, Sandlander, and restful
Ease your cares,
Til the Singer stills his song
Then rise to claim your wares”

“Huh typical cryptic nonsense” snorted ‘Rats’ “here do you see that?” He added pointing up at the ‘Vampire’s stone jaw.

“No what?”

“The Jaw, there’s a funny line to it, her hold this” He passed his crossbow to Phaedra and began clambering up the statue till he stood on its hip and grasped its oversized face. “Yeah the Jaw flips open.. I wonder…?” A moments work and the jaw hinged open revealing a row of perfectly formed steel teeth and a “tongue” of red velvet. Darting his hand in and out ‘Rats’ grabbed something off the tongue and held it up to the meagre light. It was a small silver Key.

Meanwhile the others had checked the rest of the room, the water of the pool was clear and shallow enough to paddle in; even for Felix, but was otherwise uninviting. Lucius seemed a trifle annoyed, perhaps because ‘Rats’ had found something that he and his erstwhile companions had not. But then those religious namby pambys would not have countenanced climbing the “Holy” Vampire statue Hah! Smiling to himself the Sorcerer followed the rest down and into the barrel vaulted processional vault.

Lighting torches as they proceeded the group marvelled at the huge arching vault of the temple. Every three feet or so a niche was carved into the stone walls, Some with a stone plaque inscribed with a faded name of some peasant, but many standing open and apparently unused.

“Should we open one up just to see?” Joseph queried as they passed another of the filled niches.

“For what reason need you to disturb the dead?” Phaedra replied Archly. Clearly not at ease with the idea though willing to hear any reason.

Joseph shuffled his feet a little uncomfortably “Weel just to be thorough y’know, just to be sure its just dead villagers and so on not a secret door or anything…” he said unconvincingly.

“One then, to satisfy your curiosity, but if there is nothing more than bones we leave it be – agreed?” The group nodded, even Lucius, though his acquiescence was practical. he could make no more Zombies this day so it mattered little. And besides bones did not have enough left for his magics to work with in any case!   Still he liked that this cleric at least did not have such a soppy attitude to such necessities!

Working carefully Mogar and Joseph chipped the seal stone from the burial niche. Peering inside revealed nothing but a dry dusty skeleton devoid of anything save a dry rage about the waste. “Satisfied!” Demanded Phaedra staring daggers at them. Sheepishly they placed the name plaque back on and returned to the task in hand.

Meanwhile Rats, Temerian and Felix had been examining the stone floor of the crypt with interest. There was enough dust and debris on it to just make out some faint tracks here and there. That was the disturbing thing, there were many tracks and many different kinds!

“I make it mebbie thirty sets” ‘Rats’ stated disgustedly. To him they were a confused mess.

“Yes twenty eight in total” Temerian agreed sombrely, “some much older than than the rest, but four sets are recent within a day” Elf though he be Tem was not really one of those that spent their time gallivanting through the woods on the hunt. But still somethings came easily to him compared to these humans!

“Why do most of them seem to be my size?” Came the childish voice of Felix. Looking again the three of them saw that indeed the older tracks were child like or Hobbit like perhaps?

“I guess Orcs or orc Kin” Temerian declared after a further look. “Your kin do not use shoes as these do, do they master Felix?”

“I haven’t got any Kin down here mister elf?” Felix replied obviously confused. “They are all back on the mainland?”

“He means other Halflings!” Lucious sneered.

Unaware of the Sorcerers tone Felix broke into a happy grin. “Oh no! we like to feel our toes wriggling! Never understood how you biggers close off your flesh like that ughh!!”

Picking their away along the huge vault the party progressed to what Lucius’s map said was the mid point of the structure. Sure enough in a vaulted chamber with multiple spurs of passage radiating from it stood a giant statue made of wrought Iron of a skeleton Dancing on a pyramid of steps leading up to its plinth. The thing had to weigh tons, and was a master works creation, still un-rusted in the dry air of the crypt.

“Fancy another climb?” Joseph said winking at ‘Rats’ Magee and pointing to the things grinning skull face some thirty feet off the floor.

“If I have to” came the short reply “Check out down here first. Where those tracks lead?”

“Left spur” Temerian stated pointing with his quill. The elf had been making some notes of some sort.

“All of them?”

“Yes it seems so…” The elf mage began but he stopped as his keen senses felt something. A faint displacement of air from the passage he was indicating. Immediately he began a low chant of magic under his breath. His power was all but exhausted as he was himself from too much magic in too shorter time. He had perhaps one or two good spells left in him, and intended to make them count if needed.

“What is it?” Phaedra whispered to the elf. Still chanting he merely pointed sown the side passage. “‘ware!” she called to the group. “Something comes!”

Mogar dashed to the fore, readying his sword. Rats shouldered his faithful crossbow and sighted down the hallway, while the others assumed positions of readiness all about them. Soon all of them could feel rhythmic pulses of cold dry air gusting from the passage way ahead. Braced they awaited a nightmare…

From around the corner of the passage just visible at the edge of the torchlight came a monstrous flying thing. Some nine foot tall had it been on the ground the winged creature resembled a woman in some respects, and a monster in others! Huge Bat wings beat keeping the figure aloft as it approached them with a deliberate menace. Green scales flashed from its flesh while huge fangs protruded from its wide open mouth. Where its eyes should have been riven holes bleeding a sickly green Ichor gazed sightlessly into their quaking souls!

“oh shiii..”

Rats snapped a shot off at it at once, and Felix slung a stone, but the wind of the things wings blew the missiles aside harmlessly. “Heh! Let me!” cackled Lucius as he sent a blast of fire hurtling down the hallway towards the flying monstrosity. Stung by the flames it let out a ululating hiss of rage!

Seeing the party had collectively let fly; though Temerian still was chanting some deadly magics, Mogar charged sword swinging.

Two black streamers leaped from the things eyes to envelope Lucius’s head. “Aiiee I cannot see!” wailed the Sorcerer as the magical attack receded.

Striding up to stand next to the Sorcerer, Phaedra raised her Shamans rod. “Crash” she intoned with sudden authority. A grey light coalesced about her words and wrapped the things wings. Suddenly without lift the monster woman was dashed to the floor, hissing and cursing.

Rats took another shot quickly before Mogar got int he way. This time the bolt flew true. But to the horror of all ricocheted harmlessly off its shoulder without leaving a mark..!

Temerian still chanted narrowed his eyes. He had been saving his last spell for their Quarry: Dark Odo but if this think shrugged off their mundane arms then he had no choice. Screaming the trigger incantation aloud he raised his enchanted quill to the creature and sketched a massive arrow in golden fire in the air. Immediately a half dozen glowing bolts sprang into the air about to him and embedded themselves in the thrashing creatures form!

Amazingly though now hurt the creature again struggled to rise, clawing weakly at Mogar as he smashed at the thing with his blade. But to no avail the creatures skin was proof against his plain long-sword. Nearer now he could see a familiar set of forms lurking just behind the corner from where the creature had emerged. Dark Odo and her remaining retainers at last!

Felix had faded back into the shadows at the first sight of the thing. After firing his readied stone he had been picking his way forward and also saw the bad women an Goblins from the fight before. They had killed the funny man Arvid, and that’s not nice he thought. As a Gor’bayen stepped forward to spear Mogar he stepped in behind it and slashed upwards with his hand axe.

Joseph had had a similar idea. Though doubting his sanity for getting nearer to the thrashing abomination he had sidled forward keeping to what cover he could and aimed a shot at the Archer woman he had met on the bridge some time ago. She must be some kind of chief underling he reasoned. Let the Wizards battle the wizard woman and whatever that winged thing was, he’s clean up the rest.

Laying hands on the distraught Sorcerers head Phaedra prayed. A stinging feedback made her palm itch. His malady was beyond her right now, his contrary nature inhibited her powers too much. His woulds she could heal but not this curse of blindness. “Lucius, you must focus, the creature will not be held forever by my spell!” she hissed in his ear.

“I cannot see where to project my fire!” He complained.

“I can help with that!” Broke in Rats grabbing the Sorcerers outstretched arm. “When I say go; you do your thing wizard!” the Crossbowman stated flatly. He couldn’t hurt the thing with his bow but his aim was still as good as ever.

Temerian felt light headed. He stared unbelieving at the creature that still lived after his most potent casting. yes it was hurt but f he tried that spell again the cost might kill him as well. Slowly in pain he unslung his bow and began firing arrows carefully at any of the foes that exposed themselves.

Meanwhile Mogar had turned his attention to the Other Goblin, he had gotten in a decent hit or so but the canny creature still fought on. Dark Odo peeked around he corner for a second her hands raised to cast something. She looked like her description alright but with one difference. She was now missing an eye, instead a green velvet patch covered the missing orb. But the remaining one had the spite of two in it still. She uttered some words and waved an arm.

Phaedra felt a moments drowsiness fall over her but she shook it off. Hurling a needle back at the Wizard Woman that was the source of their woes.

From his vantage Joseph took his chance. An arrow snapped out and buried itself in Dark Odo’s shoulder. If she’d’ve stayed still it woulda been her other eye, he crowed. Then suddenly a sharp pain wracked him. Staggering down he saw the sword in his gut then nothing as he passed out from the shock.

Mogar felt strange. Suddenly the scene had shifted. Just to his left he saw his “sister”  against the wall with an arrow in her and some thug with a bow standing across from her drawing another arrow. Without thinking he rushed to her side stabbing the fellow in the belly as he charged to save her.

Felix finally dropped his Goblin foe just in time to see the the winged creature reach out to Mogar and caress his face for an instant before the thing again slumped o the ground as its wings spasmed once more. What was the nasty woman doing now he wondered?

Phaedra and Temerian had felt the thing power reach out. “Not again!” Temerian muttered under his breath. If he ever learned a way to shield from such mental deceptions he would surely try it out on the big warrior – assuming they lived through this! Having scant power left to render the man unconscious this time he grimly shot at the human woman firing back at their group at Dark Odo’s side.

Seeing Joseph fall Phaedra dashed forward. She could see the wound was very serious, if her powers failed her now he could likely die! Drawing deep upon her faith she implored for his fate to be extended beyond this hour.

Josephs eye snapped open! He felt.. weird. Like he’d slept for a week refreshed but stiff as hell, and where had this scar come from? Glancing about he saw Phaedra kneeling next to him trembling with exertion. “Oh” he uttered as the memory of the swords pain came back. Before he could say anything else the cleric pitched back on herself fast asleep. That was not natural he thought. Then he saw Mogar pick Dark Odo up like a sack of potatoes and sprint back around the corner, just as the winged monstrosity finally clawed its way back into the air.

“Fire!” Rats bellowed into Lucius’ ear. With a cackle the blinded sorcerer flung bolts of reddish purple fire away from his arm. One gout splashed across the winged creature and it glared down on them balefully claws outstretched. “Great do that again!” he shouted.

Temerian fired off another shot at the Archer but she ducked back. Steping forward she raised her bow, but before she could fire there was a buzzing snap and she pitched backwards. “That’s how you do it elf!” Rats staed as he dropped his expended crossbow and returned to Lucius’ side once more. Pushing his irritation at the mans manner back Temerian paused to assess the situation.

The creature was regaining control form whatever spell Phaedra had put it under. Mogar had again been suborned, and blind Lucius’s fire bolts were not having great effect upon the winged one. He had little strength left he must use it wisely. If only they knew what it was they faced!? Suddenly he forced his powerful mind onto his lurking Familiar. Perhaps the demonic thing had information on such a foe? He wrestled with its resentment and evil joy at the death going on around it and demanded it real anything it knew!

*Master…* its eerie voice echoed in his head, *ooh my master be not angry with me,* it pleaded. *I am but a little demon not half so mighty as that one.*

*Demon is it?* he demanded back at it. *Of what order, how may we defeat it?*

*It is of the Sul’uress the demi succubi my master. The seducers that fail their high lords are disfigured and cast down for a time till there masters restore their full powers* it mewled into his thoughts.

*How may we defeat such one. Tell me all ways you know!*

*Why by your mighty magics master of course* it began suavely.

*None of your honeyed words creature. The fastest way here and now. Answer I demand it!* Temerain thundered back at it. The creature dipped its head and its mental tone was almost cowed.

*They lack the power to remain on this plane unless bound to their summoner mighty and puissant master* it purred

Of course! Temerian reasoned. His first instinct had been correct. Had he saved his spell to obliterate Dark Odo the moment she showed herself then he would have killed two with one act.

*Not precisely master..* the Dark familiar began *..such creatures will fade away after the link is severed but they may not depart in an instant.*

“That will have to do” Temerian said out loud, “If I can muster the power to do it.”


Levelling Up.

With last session 5 out of the 7 PC’s edged it to 2nd level, while I know you can access the rule book Lt if you need to I thought to make a post about it just to clarify/draw your attention to the main points. May edit this as other things occur to me or are discussed with other players. But first draft is:


  • First up you may level right away, there is no need to sit & meditate/train etc etc.
  • Hit points. As I’ve settled on a party of strong single play characters rather than everyone playing 2 or more this time feel free to roll you own hit points but if you get less than half the dice maximum you may roll again But the second result stands. From third level on whatever you get on the dice is what you get. EG Mogar uses a d12 if he rolls 5 or less he can roll again for HP but if he gets 1-5 this time then its fate tough luck. Adjust this result by your Maximum STA modifier (Relax Tem you don’t use your spell burned STA to figure this)
  • Saving throws & Thief skills. Check the individual charts on your class entry, some of these will have gone up as in some cases will your combat bonus. If I have your character sheet I’ll adjust that accordingly before next week.
  • Spells: Phaedra & Temerian: Each of you will be able to memorise at least one more spell in a given day. You do NOT get to memorise two copies of the same spell as much as I suspect Tem would like to have Magic Missile x 2 in case of a misfire. However, Tem may choose ANY one 1st level spell from the master list that he has “Discovered” how to cast to add to his private library. I however recommend you hold off on that till you discover what is in the Grimoire(s) you have recovered, that way you wont waste a the free pick with something you are about to have access to by right of loot! Phaedra you will need to pray for a short while (at least 30 mins) to be able to access your extra spell(s). In both cases your bonus spells due to high attribute does not apply a second time. That is figured once per spell level only. SO next level (3rd) when you gain access to 2nd Level spells you can get a bonus one or two for your exceptional attributes, but I’ll explain more when we get there.
  • Attribute increases. You may all roll for an improvement in one attribute as per last time. Sorry Tem as I am sure you have guessed you use your normal score not the temporarily reduced one…


Xp- Awards Session 7

Again gonna make a start on this post – even if I don’t publish it right away ASAP. Great to see everyone here as well, makes for a challenging session but well worth it!  Lot happened some behind the scenes to some! Several characters have accumulated enough XP to achieve 2nd level after this session. I’ll make a separate post about leveling up procedure in due course as a result. If you have specific questions post here in comment sof PM on facebook whichevers easier. Now here goes the breakdown.

Base XP for the session: Four  encounters:

  1. Investigate the Vampire statue room –Easy 1 Xp
  2. Fight the Demi Succubus and Dark Odo’s surviving Minions –Heroic 5 Xp
  3. Search the camp and fight off the Giant spider –Moderate 2 Xp
  4. Investigate – and NOT trip something very baaad in the Singing statue chamber –Moderate 2 Xp

For a max total of 10 XP for the session before individual and special awards. In the case of the last “encounter” with the singing statue only half of you can claim to have been involved in it. (so far)

Ben – Mogar- Warrior-  Its a good job really Mogar is such a nice guy. Everybody seems to be out to get him! For playing when under the delusion effect so well   +1 Xp (4 encounters 11 total)

Dave – Felix – Halfling – Ah the child like innocence and deadly combat power of the Halfling of mystery returns! Felix seems to be genuinely lucky Dave even if his attribute score is temporarily lowered from use. Figured your card role as well +2 XP (3 Encounters 10 Total)

Lori – Phaedra – Cleric –  Wow you seem to have the knack of setting up the monsters for a big take down Having the main beasties abilities crippled by the continuous interruptions of the command to “Crash” probably saved somebodies life! +2 Xp (4 Encounters 12 total)

Mat – Temerian – Elf Mage – The return of the Cannon! You realise as you go up in level you will eventually encounter critters shielded against that spell so its good to make the most of it now! Great work and I hope the rest of the party realise how crippled you made yourself to achieve it! +2 Xp (3 Encounters 10 Total)

Sam – Joseph Pope II – Rogue – Well looks like your luck is holding as well, first direct hand to hand combat wasn’t it? Nearly lost you if not for Phaedra’s rapid intervention, but you returned that favour in style later! Played your card as well +2 Xp (3 Encounters 10 Total)

Simon – “Rats” Magee – Rogue – Great to see you back in the saddle Simon, again Rats has a certain something about him  – Not as inherently lucky as Say Felix seems to be but your either reading my notes or have a good instinct for things. Nicely done! +2 Xp (4 Encounters 12 total)

Tom – Lucius Singultus – Mage –  Ah! The mad sorcerer got unlucky but then again you played around it (partially with Simons help) As with Tem as you gain more spells you’ll round out. I actually LIKE the idea of a seeing eye monster! Not a Zombie though but had you got a familiar like Tem then the condition could be managed. Though in fairness I expect Phaedra will be able to cure you in time. +1 Xp (3 Encounters 9 Total)

As the demise of both your logged targets was reported to Base camp this session all players gain an immediate “Mission objective complete award. Those that were actually present at the “Kill” gain a touch more that those that did not directly participate in the killing encounter. For Vivlok thats an extra +1 to everyone and an extra +1 to Felix, Phaedra & Temerian who actually killed the lecherous bugger!
You were all involved in Dark Odo’s demise even if it was Temerians Mega Bolt that did the deed to that’s +4 for everyone now its reported. Lucius is not technically part of the “Bounty Hunter” group but I am allowing it this time as he would draw considerable satisfaction in the demise of one that inconvenienced him and his previous party in the back story used to write the character into the game.

As I said before: I keep a reduced average of the party’s XP per session (Aren’t spreadsheets useful!) so that will go on their total count so they wont be desperately behind when they resume (they will still be behind those that could make it naturally otherwise its unfair.)

Xp Track

If I have got my bookkeeping straight then you all should have something like this at this point:

  • Mogar = 52 – SECOND LEVEL!
  • Felix = 52 – SECOND LEVEL !
  • Phaedra = 55 – SECOND LEVEL !
  • Temerian = 52 – SECOND LEVEL !
  • Jospeh Pope II = 58 – SECOND LEVEL !
  • Lucius Singultus = 41
  • Rats Magee = 45

Secondary/New characters will come in at an XP level about 25% below your primary’s. Absentee characters gain a portion of the average award for the session they missed.